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Okay, so yesterday was a GREAT day. I got so many nice comments here, from all of you, as well as lots of congratulatory phone calls from my family and friends. Plus, my publisher sent me flowers (thanks Viking!) which was just so sweet I got all verklempt. Then I had dinner with family, followed by my first official reading for Just Listen—see picture above—at the Regulator, where so many people came out to say hello. I was nervous at first, but once I was up there it was all good. Plus, I felt like a total rock star because Lee Smith came to my reading, and she is, like, the biggest deal author around these parts, and when I saw her in the crowd I got all nervous AGAIN, but then I calmed down.

All in all, a fab night, and the best possible way to set the book out into the world. Thanks to everyone who came out, including my hardcore family contigent—Janet, Larry and Sharon–who came to my first readings ten years ago (when they were often the only people there) and were there last night as well, sitting in the back and laughing extra loud at all the funny parts. Thanks also to John Valentine, bookseller extraordinare, for putting it all together, and to my friend Barrett, who took that picture and this one, of some very dedicated fans. On the left is Lillie, who did a great job of introducing me:

I’m also very grateful for all of YOU, for the kind words yesterday, and for letting me know you’d found the book, and how you were liking it. I’ve heard some of you have had trouble finding it, and I’m sorry for that…hopefully if your local bookstore hasn’t gotten it in yet, it will soon. And to the couple of people who relayed how they were super persistent, bugging the salesclerks to go in the back and seek it out, I say, also, thank you.

And now, frankly, I’m a little bit exhausted. (Can you even BE a little bit exhausted? That’s kind of like somewhat dead, or mildly terrible. But I digress.) Luckily, though, it’s Friday, and it looks like, if I’m real lucky, I might get to see Ice Age 2: The Meltdown with my very favorite five year old today. Which means popcorn, too. What more can a girl ask for? Not much, I’m telling you. Not much.

Thanks again for all the support, you guys are the best.

EDIT: There are a few comments on this entry that contain spoilers for the book. I’ve deleted a few of them, just so certain parts aren’t ruined for everyone. But if you haven’t read the book, and don’t want to know anything in advance, maybe skip the comments this time. Just a thought….

have a great day everyone!
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