Monday morning, and I have to say this: you guys are GOOD. Here I am, thinking I’m just so slick slipping in little mentions of people and places from other books into Just Listen, and you all find them, like, immediately. Even the one I thought was VERY sly someone already caught. (And there’s been one mentioned that I DIDN’T do on purpose, but intrigues me so much I’ll never cop to it.) Anyway, the point is that yet again, you amaze me.

For those who haven’t read the book yet, though, I ask that you not give away anything in the comments, as I know especially there are some very frustrated readers to the north awaiting their copies. To all you faithful Canadian fans, I hear you, and I’m going to try to find out when the book is being released up there, if it hasn’t already. (If anyone from Penguin is reading this and knows this information, PLEASE let me know. I would be very appreciative.) Thank you for your patience, and for being so eager. Hopefully, we’ll get it to you soon. Soon!

Meanwhile, I spent my weekend hanging out with my family. I saw Ice Age 2, as promised, on Friday—and ate an insane amount of popcorn while doing so—and participated in a three-day Hungry Hungry Hippos Tournament, a series that I lost 10-5-2. (My nephew, age 5, now beats me at EVERYTHING we play. It’s so embarrassing, I can’t even tell you.)

I have had family on the mind a lot these last couple of days, as someone I care for very much suffered a horrible loss late last week. It’s not something I want to get into here, so I’ll just say that sometimes, things happen that make you shake where you stand, as well as realize that life is very short, and precious, and that the stupid little things you worry and fret over are not important at all. Terrible things happen every day, and sometimes you get proof of this and it just breaks your heart. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m happy and grateful for everyone I have, and I’m making a point of letting them all know it today, and from now on.

Thanks again for the kind words. Have a good day, everyone.

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