It’s hard to believe that this time, next week, I will not be here in my sunroom, sitting with my dogs and this laptop, but instead somewhere in Florida, about to begin the second day of the book tour. To be honest, I’ve been trying not to think about the tour too much yet, for two reasons. First, I just want to enjoy this last week, and not get all OCD about packing and all that kind of stuff, which would totally happen if I let it. Second, whenever I HAVE slipped and pulled out my itinerary to glance at it, I get so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what I’m doing that I slam it shut and stick it far out of sight again.

Don’t get me wrong: I am excited, and ready. But I’ve also had a very quiet year, what with not teaching, and just writing and editing. I’ve gotten used to the peacefulness of working from home, and not talking much, and these ten days I have traveling will NOT be like that. Which is probably why, actually, they’ll be a lot of fun. I’m doing a ton of bookstores, a couple of school events, and, apparently, even one local morning TV show. (That’s one of the things I just can’t think about: yikes!) It will be busy, yes, but it’s also what I’ve dreamed of, in terms of promotional support, since my first book came out ten years ago (and my book tour consisted three local stores about twenty miles apart from each other). For this week, though, I’m working on banking sleep and quiet, spending a lot of time with my dogs and husband, and catching up on all my TV watching, since I know I’ll fall behind again once I’m traveling. Ten days is a long time, TV scheduling-wise. My Tivo will most likely be full to bursting by the time I get back, if my husband doesn’t just delete all my 90210s and Top Models out of pure frustration.

One thing I will get to do a lot of while traveling is READ: I’ve already bought a few books to take with me, and hope to pick up a few more along the way. I want to download a good audio book, as well, for my iPod, maybe a memoir or biography. Suggestions? A collection of short stories would work too, or one of essays. Just something I can close my eyes and listen to when I’m too tired to do anything else. Right now I’m leaning towards this one, but we’ll see.

See, that’s just the thing. I shouldn’t be worrying about audio books yet, I’m not leaving for a week! Instead, I should be focusing on the here and now. When will I learn not to always live two steps ahead of myself? It’s a lesson that is in my mind more than ever these days. Hard to learn, I guess. Hard to learn…

have a good day, everyone!
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