You know how sometimes, you just need to let things go? And how that can be, um, kind of hard?

This week, I finally deleted my UNC email account. I know: I haven’t been there all year. But I’d sort of held onto it anyway, because at first I thought I’d be back, and would need it. As it turns out, I’m not going to be teaching this coming fall—although, as always, never say never, I may get back there someday—so it just seemed fitting to cut the email account, since it’s one more thing to deal with. I have to say, it was hard. Mostly because I’d, um, forgotten my password and had no way of retrieving it, so I had to print out all these forms and copy important documents, as well as promise my unborn children to the IT people before they’d believe I really was who I said I was. But it was also difficult in that it was one of the few ties I had left to UNC, and therefore (like everything to me, because I am just that dramatic) kind of symbolic. But as I said, it was time.

The next step? Finally and once and for all severing my ties to AOL. I know what you’re thinking: you still have your AOL account? Didn’t you switch over to a much better provider with whom you are oh so happy like, months ago? Well, yes, in fact I did. But I’ve had my AOL address for YEARS, much longer than my UNC one. Which means that even though I’ve sent out multiple emails to all my friends and family and business contacts, alerting them to said change, I still get emails at my AOL address from people I either forgot to tell or who haven’t remembered to update their address books. It seems like every Monday, when I’m feeling productive, I decide to delete my AOL account. And then I check it, something REALLY important is there, which completely freaks me out, so I don’t do it. It’s like this vicious cycle.

I’ve written here before that I feel like being with AOL is like being in a bad relationship. Not abusive bad—I wouldn’t even joke about that—but more the-thrill-is-gone, it’s-not-you-it’s-me kind of thing. What can I say? I’m just not into them, for several reasons, but mostly because of the complete and total stranglehold they insist on having on things. It’s like I’ve been with some kind of super control freak (no, you can’t bounce your emails anywhere else! no, you can’t write your own away message!) and now I’m with someone who is, like, really nice and holds the door open for me and pulls out my chair and it’s just so surprising, because I’m just not used to it. Who knew things could be so nice and simple? Not me, but I do now.

So all that’s left, now, is the breakup. The final phone call, which I am dreading, because I know they’ll lean on me to stay, and things could get ugly. But… I have to do it, and soon. Take a deep breath, and then take that leap. Maybe I’ll do it today.

Or, tomorrow. Or Monday. Definitely by Monday.

Before I go, a few answers to some frequently asked (at least lately) questions. First, for those of you who’ve been asking about the event in Vero Beach next week, I’m trying to get concrete details. The last I heard, I believe it was being held at a local high school, so I’m not entirely sure how that works in terms of being open to the public. But I will find out. And for those of you in other countries asking about Just Listen release dates…I really have no idea, but I’m working on that, as well. And finally, for everyone who’s been wanting to know more about the sweepstakes (win an iPod! books!) I found a link here with all the details. Happy entering, and good luck!

have a good day, everyone!
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