Greetings from Alpharetta, Georgia, where I am currently getting some much needed downtime after a BUSY day. But, you say, it’s only 1:26! Ah, yes. But I was up at 4:30 this morning, in order to be at the airport early enough to catch my very early flight. I landed in Atlanta, immediately went to my first bookstore appearance at Little Shop of Stories (which was great, thanks to everyone who came out) even though I did start reading the wrong section initially because I was still kind of in a traveling daze. Now, I have a few hours before I go to the nearby Barnes and Noble (on North Pointe Parkway) for another event, at 5:30, followed by a trek BACK to the airport to catch a plane to Florida. Whew!

(FYI: For those of you in the Jacksonville area, I am scheduled to be on WJXT’s morning show tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect, but tune in if you can. Frankly I am so nervous about this I can’t even THINK about it yet. Moving on!)

So today has been busy, but at least I made a point of taking it easy the last few days, and resting up. My weekend was mostly spent packing, trying to speed watch as many 90210 episodes as possible (because my husband WILL delete them all while I’m gone, I just know it) and spending quality time with my husband and the dogs. I think I spent about four hours throwing Coco’s stuffed chicken for her alone. I am such a homebody it is always hard to leave, but now that I’m en route it’s all okay. Plus my fab media escort Linda took me to the best place in Atlanta for lunch, where I got baked chicken and dressing and mac and cheese. Talk about a nap maker. I think I feel one coming on right now..

…but before I go, a quick link to Penguin’s Summer Reading promotion, which has info about Just Listen and lots of other cool stuff. Check it out if you can. Also, we’ve had a slight change in the schedule: if you’re coming out to the event at Bookcase in Wayzata, MN on the 21st, it’s now at 2:30pm. Just so you know.


Okay. Must rest. Have a good day, everyone!
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