Right now, I am in Jacksonville, Florida, where this morning I did an interview on a local morning news show. Can I just say this: I was NERVOUS. Which is just sort of weird, because getting up in front of people to read or talk, I’m okay, but put me in front of a camera and, like, three people working the cameras and my palms start sweating. All in all, though, I think it went okay. The best part was what you didn’t see, which was me arriving at the station and everyone initially thinking I was some other guest, someone who was a self-proclaimed procrastinator. I think it had something to do with tax day. Anyway, when we—me and Gary, the awesome media escort—first came in, the woman that met us shook my hand, then said, “You’re the procrastinator!” To which I said, “Um….no?” She then explained that this person was supposed to come on to talk about putting things off, but they were late. (Is this surprising, I wanted to ask? But I didn’t.) She led us into the studio, where we sat and waited. A few minutes later, one of the anchors walked up and introduced himself. “You’re the procrastinator!” he said. No, I said again, although at this point I was starting to freak out a little bit. I mean, I have been known to procrastinate. Maybe I was supposed to talk about that instead of the book? But no. In the end, I did my interview, and it was all good. The procrastinator, though, never showed up. Which isn’t procrastinating, I think, as much as out-and-out slackness. But whatever.

So now here I am, at the beach with some real, actual time to kill and….it’s raining. Do I care? Nope. I’m still going to go out and wiggle my toes in the sand. Yesterday was a TOTAL marathon, from getting up at 4:30 am to catch a flight, to two bookstore appearances, then another flight here, followed by a car ride and falling into bed, exhausted, by midnight to sleep five hours and start it all up again. Tonight, I’m at the Bookmark in Atlantic Beach, at 7pm, and tomorrow at the Vero Beach Performing Arts Center, in Vero Beach, at 10am, followed by a signing at Books and Books in Coral Gables at 5pm. Hope to see some of you there. And thanks to everyone who came out to the Barnes and Noble in Alpharetta: you were a great crowd.

Okay, no more procrastinating: the beach is waiting. Have a great day, everyone!
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