Good morning.

I’m writing this from my hotel in Boston, where I arrived last night at around one in the morning. Yesterday was a GREAT day, albeit a bit of an endurance test. Extreme book touring, people, is when you roll out of your hotel in Daytona Beach at 6:45, then drive two hours, do an appearance, drive another two and a half hours, do another appearance, then hop on a plane, fly three hours, and then fall into bed to start it all over again the next day. I have to say, though, the occasional bout of exhaustion aside, I’m having a blast. No joke.

The best part has been meeting so many of my readers face to face. Yesterday, I did an event in Vero Beach, Florida, which was an all estrogen affair: no boys allowed. (Okay, so maybe they WERE allowed, but just didn’t want to be there. But whatever.) Afterwards, I got to meet some very devoted fans and readers of this page, and of course we had to discuss Gilmore Girls and Luke Perry. They just had to share with me that they had, in fact, seen Luke Perry’s naked behind when he was appearing in London in the stage production of When Harry Met Sally and had a bedroom scene. Can you even imagine? I cannot. I think I, myself, would have been struck dumb: I was just hearing about it, truth be told. See, these are the great things that happen when you meet your readers. You can’t make this stuff up!

After Vero Beach, I headed to the Books and Books in Coral Gables, which is pretty much the coolest bookstore I’ve ever been to in my life. It’s the kind of place you just want to stay forever, reading everything you can get your hands on. An added bonus was that I got to see my cousin Michael, just when I was starting to feel just a little homesick for familiar faces. Another plus: after my reading, someone at the bookstore announced that Just Listen had moved up to number TWO on the NYT List. Which completely took me by surprise, so much so that I got all choked up in front of the assembled crowd. Hopefully they didn’t think I was too much of an idiot. What can I say, it was an emotional moment. I just wanted the book to make the list, somehow. But to make it and then move up? Craziness. The best kind.

Maybe it is all the traveling (and lack of sleep?) but I’ve gotten verklempt a few times in the last couple of days. I wish I could say hello to everyone here who has come out, because without you none of this would be happening, and I am so grateful to you all. So to the girl who came out in Vero Beach, and pushed her book across the table to me and said, “This is the first book I have ever bought,” thank you. And to the girl who came with her mom to Books and Books, and told me something very moving and teared up, and then I teared up, and her mom, standing by, teared up as well: thank you. To the girl who didn’t make the signing in Atlantic Beach because she had a softball game, which she considered throwing in order to come, but thankfully, did not: thank you, both for your sportsmanship and for being such a hardcore fan. But most of all, thank you, again, to all of you reading this, and those out there who have supported me and the books all these years. It’s just…

…okay, I’m getting verklempt again. Better move on. Maybe to some assorted pictures from the last few days?

Real, live readers, in Atlantic Beach:

And Vero Beach:

Here’s the sign at the Vero Beach performing arts center, which we saw, big as life, when we pulled up:

And just before I went on, I got to hang out in this totally big, beautiful dressing room, I got, well, introspective:

Tonight, I’ll be at the Barnes and Noble in Framingham, MA at 7pm. Hope to see some of you there.

have a great day, everyone!
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