This is bizarre: I’m writing this from mid-air. Excuse me for not thinking about it too much, as it might just give me a nervous breakdown. But here I am, en route to Minneapolis. Outside my window, all I can see is flat squares of land, and a lot of water. But considering that I never used to be able to even LOOK out the window, I guess this is a good thing.

My battery is just about dead, so I’ll keep this short and just say this: yesterday was a REALLY good day. The highlights were many, but included lunch with my friend Adam and a lovely ride home with my cousin AnnaMo, which included a roundabout tour of Boston as we got kind of lost. But it meant that much more time together, which was great. I love my family. I cannot even tell you how much.

Also fantastic about yesterday: my signing in Framingham, which was, no joke, the biggest crowd I’ve ever gotten in my entire life. Over a hundred people, they tell me, and it was amazing. Thank you to everyone who came out, especially the girl who came two hours from Connecticut (and her parents, who drove her, how cool are they?). I’ll post a picture, but it does not do it justice. Suffice to say that when I stood there, looking out at all these people, I was convinced they were just confused and expecting someone else. What a great crowd, and meeting everyone afterwards was a total blast. Thanks to everyone at Barnes and Noble, who worked so hard passing books, and dealing with post-it notes, and just being the greatest hosts ever.

Interesting, total random fact: see that sweater I’m wearing? I got, like, a million compliments on it yesterday. And it’s not even mine! It belongs to my super-stylish friend Dana (who, some of you may remember, also picked out my shoes that I’m also getting great compliments on). Right before I left, she brought it over and said, “You should borrow this. It will look really cute on you.” I listen to Dana, so I took it, and then everyone just loved it. I think I should just have her pick out ALL my clothes from now on. Hmmmm.

Today, I’ll be at Bookcase, in Wayzata, MN, at 2:30 pm, then at Borders in Woodbury at 6pm. From there, it’s off to Michigan, where tomorrow I’ll be at Borders in Novi at 12noon, and Nicola’s Books in Ann Arbor at 7pm. Hope to see you there!

Okay, battery seriously dying. More later, on a variety of subjects, including Boston cab drivers, Northwest Airlines snackpacks (beef jerky!) and the joys of Legal Seafood clam chowder.

have a good day, everyone!
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