Hello from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I arrived last night, very late, after a whirlwind day in Minnesota. The wild thing about book tours is that you get to go to a lot of cool places, but you rarely have time to actually do anything other than work: instead, you’re always just fleetingly passing by, catching glimpses out the window. For instance, so far on this trip, I’ve seen Daytona Motor Speedway (in the dark) The Mall of America(from a distance), and 8 Mile Road (from an underpass). I also saw Bob Saget, of Full House fame, and he was only about a foot away from me. So that counts, right?

Yesterday, I did two events in Minnesota, both of which were a lot of fun. Thanks to Robin, the hardcore fan who drove a long way to see me in Wayzata (and who drank coffee with me, while her patient sister looked on) and to everyone who came out to the Borders in Woodland, which was a great event. Today, I had a great reading in Novi, Michigan, where I got to see a wonderful crowd:

as well as a Truth Squad T-shirt:

I have so much I want to tell you guys, but no time to tell it, as every second I sit down it seems I have to instantly be somewhere else. Suffice to say I will have lots of material once I get home and caught up. But I will say this: I was glad to see Ace go, I can’t believe Amy Sherman Palladino is leaving Gilmore Girls (she’s always said she knows what the last line of the show will be! how can she not write it?!) and I, personally, think Suri is a really pretty name. I could go on and on, but….

…I can’t. I have to go! Have a good afternoon everyone!
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