I’m still here in San Francisco, where I have already eaten my weight in food. There are so many amazing restaurants here: I can’t even tell you. I also can’t tell you about the two appearances I’ve done so far, which were GREAT, as well as how much I’m looking forward to the Not Your Mother’s Bookclub event that I’m about to rush off to, if only because there is Just No Time. I cannot wait until I am home, with hours all to myself, when I can write a hugely long entry and fill you in on all the crazy things that have happened in the last nine days. Soon, though. Soon!

But before I rush off, a few quick things. First: an excerpt from Just Listen is now up at the Penguin Podcast. Scroll down, click on it, and it will download to your computer. Pretty cool, right?

Second, thank you thank you THANK YOU to the amazing Meg Cabot, who gave me the nicest mention on her site today. I admire her so much, and honestly..I’m speechless. It’s amazing. Even MORE cool, she also mentions Jenny Han, a fellow UNC grad whose first book, Shug is now in stores. What can I say? Us Tarheel girls stick together.

Finally, I’ve heard from several people wondering what I think about this whole Kaavya Viswanathan controversy. I don’t know a whole lot about it, because I’ve been traveling, but I will say this: Megan McCafferty rocks my socks, and Charmed Thirds was amazing. Long live Jessica Darling! I just hope Megan’s enjoying her book’s success to the fullest extent, because she deserves it.

Okay, now I HAVE to go. Have a great night, everyone!