Ten days. Six states. Lots of readings. Today’s the last day of the book tour. I can’t even believe it. The time has FLOWN. And yet, here we are.

Last night, I had a GREAT event with Not Your Mother’s Bookclub. I got to meet not only the fabulous Jennifer, bookseller extraordinaire, but also a lot of readers, at this really cool cafe here in San Francisco. Here’s a picture:

(That’s Jennifer, in the black behind me, as well as Connie, who also helped out tons on this event. I of course neglected to get a picture with the three of us together—whoops!—so this will have to do. Hopefully their pictures turned out better!)

The night before, I had another great dinner party—with pizza!—in Petaluma, with Copperfield’s books:

Again: this is a town that is all about food. Can I tell you that the turkey burger I got for lunch yesterday was the biggest I’ve ever seen? I think I can.

So today I have a school event—contact Rakestraw Books for details—and tonight, my last reading of this whirlwind ten days, at the Barnes and Noble in Walnut Creek. If you come, you might get to see me at my most slap-happy ever. That’s intriguing, right?

have a great day everyone!
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