Thank you.

That’s all I can say, here at this (very) early hour, as I’m sitting here getting ready to pack all of my stuff into my suitcase, haul myself on top of it, and just hope I can get it to zip shut. Thank you to EVERYONE who made this tour so great, who came out and listened and asked questions and took pictures and were just the best fans ever. Maybe it’s because I’m so tired and happy, but I get kind of choked up when I think about the way everyone’s come out and supported me as I did this crazy trip across the country. I’ve said it before, it’s a basic fact, but worth repeating: you guys are the BEST.

Also thanks to all the booksellers, librarians and event organizers, who made all this possible, as well as the media escorts, who got me from place to place, made sure I had water, and talked me down from various nervous breakdowns as necessary. (Not really part of their job description, but apparently they are multi-talented.) And of course Allison from Penguin, publicist extraordinaire, who will probably collapse with relief once I’m home about the same time I do.

Last night, after fighting what I am told is typical Bay Bridge traffic, we arrived at the Barnes and Noble in Walnut Creek for the very last event of this trip. There was a great turnout, the perfect way to wrap things up. I got to meet lots of readers, and I even got a gift, from the amazing Amy and Karla, who made me a card:

It is a GREAT card, with notes from them, and pictures, and on the back a bunch of quotes from Just Listen. Yes, I choked up when they gave it to me. Yes, I am a total dork. And if you don’t think I’m dragging that onto the plane today for EVERYONE to see, you’re wrong. I intend to whack the heads of eveyone down the row as I pass. Watch out!

Also yesterday I did an event at the Doris Eaton school, so thanks to everyone there and at Rakestraw Books, who made it possible. It was a lot of fun, and there were real, live actual BOYS there, which was kind of new for this trip. What can I say, my readings tend to be more estrogen-heavy affairs. Maybe next book I’ll rachet up the testosterone. Hmmmm.

I also want to say a quick thanks to Marika, who came out to see me TWICE yesterday, and to the four other folks who drove from other places to the school visit. I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk to you longer, and thank you so much for coming. I really, really appreciated it.

*looks at clock*

Why am I up at seven a.m. local time? When will I ever get used to the fact that it’s three hours earlier here? Do I have enough clean clothes to fly home in? Will my dogs even remember who I am after me being gone for ten days? Will I make it across the country today WITHOUT hearing any (more) Gilmore Girls spoilers? These are the burning questions, to be answered….in the next entry. Hopefully. Thanks again, so much, and…

…have a great day everyone!
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