Okay, so it’s not the redwoods, or the Golden Gate. Or even the Mall of America. Or Boston Common, or Daytona Speedway, or any of the other great and famous places I’ve seen in the last ten days. But this IS the view from my back deck, looking up, and this morning, when I stepped out there with my coffee, it was just what I wanted to see. What can I say? It’s good to be home.

Also, somewhat bizarre. When I left, the trees were just beginning to get leaves, bits of green everywhere: now, it’s ALL green, and I can barely see my neighbor’s house through the woods, and won’t again until October. And it’s almost May! Which means summer is right around the corner. I cannot wait. Deviled eggs, here I come!

Meanwhile, after sleeping in until nine am—which I never do—I roused myself and went online, only to see how truly far behind I have gotten in celebrity gossip. Rosie O’Donnell might join The View? (I LOVE Rosie O’Donnell!) Heather Locklear is dating David Spade? Denise Richards is dating Heather Locklear’s ex-husband, the guy who is not Jon Bon Jovi from Bon Jovi? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes having their baby I knew about—it was a lead story on CNN!—but the Pickler sent packing from Idol? Shocking. Now who do I pull for? (I know, I know, Katherine. Everyone says Katherine.) I’m sure there is much more I haven’t heard about yet, but give me a day or so, and I know I’ll get caught up. Or at least try to.

Today, though—and this weekend—is all about doing laundry, sorting through the fun stuff I picked up during my trip (Johnny Cash t-shirt, Queen of Cool nail decals, Kiehl’s grapefruit shower gel, which smells SO good, which is a good thing, because I kind of spilled it all over my suitcase, whoops) and dealing with a serious backlog of emails and phone calls. Oh, and yes, spending time with the dogs, who were happy to see me, although Monkey is doing his typical grudge holding (it’ll last a couple of days) while Coco is following me everywhere, as if to make sure I don’t leave again. I don’t plan to, at least not anytime soon. I mean, I have two Gilmore Girls, two OCs, two Cheerleader Nations and about a million 90210s to watch. Seriously: I’m here for awhile.

have a great weekend, everyone!
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