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Good news: my faucet is now repaired. Even better news: The Truth About Forever has hit the paperback bestseller list.

I know. It’s crazy. And Just Listen is still on the hardback list, at number nine in its fourth week. In-sanity. All I can say, again, is that this is beyond my wildest hopes, and I thank all of you for making it happen. What a crazy month. I think I might need to go breathe into a paper bag or something.

I have to say, having my faucet working again is a great thing as well, though. I am trying not to start taking it for granted too quickly, to remember how difficult things were when it was busted. But I have a feeling I will forget, because that’s just how life is. There are some things, though, that I am ALWAYS grateful to have, like my washing machine. I swear, there is not one time that I’m piling clothes in, there in the comfort of my laundry room, that I don’t toss up a thank you to the universe for making it possible. Because for years—YEARS—I was a laundromat girl.

First apartment, all through college, first house afterwards….no washing machine. Which meant the weekly–or biweekly, if I was really busy—trek to the local coin laundromat, where I’d pile my stuff in and then have to camp out through the wash, rinse and dry cycles, usually with some huge textbook in my lap (when I was in college) or People magazine (a rare luxury I allowed myself during my broke waitressing days). There was that great sense of accomplishment, driving home with all that clean laundry and the smell of dryer sheets, lingering, in the air all around you. But there was also the dragging of the hampers in and out of the car, and the time it took up, and all those quarters you had to collect and chunk in. If I was really broke, I’d show up at my parents house, where my mother would just sigh and nod as I passed her, lugging my stuff to her laundry room.

But then, in the second house my husband and I moved into, my mother stepped up and did us the favor of a lifetime. She bought us a washer and dryer, brand new. I remember the day they were delivered: I was so excited. We even took pictures, which is just so dorky I can’t even believe it, but totally true. And lo, there was laundry. And lo, it was done off the kitchen, for free. And all was right with the world among the brights, whites and darks. Now, it’s been a few years since I’ve had to hit the laundromat, but like I said, I have not forgotten. I am oh so appreciative for my washer and dryer. I pat them as I pass, just so they know it. I think I’ll try to do the same with my faucet, at least for a few days. There’s a lot to be grateful for in the world, from the big to the small. I’m especially aware of that today.

*reads over entry*

Okay, so it’s official: I’m now the most boring person on the planet. Faucets? Washing machines? What’s next, an entire opus on blenders? Sheesh. Tomorrow, I’ll write about something exciting, fascinating, and non-appliance related. I promise!

have a great day, everyone!
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