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Thanks to the Today show—which I never watch usually, as I am a total GMA fan, but I got going late this morning—I now know that today is not only Cinco de Mayo, but this weekend is also the Kentucky Derby. So much happening at once! I love the Derby, which is an incredible efficient sporting event, over in mere moments. It takes longer to drink a Mint Julep than to watch the race. I’ve never been a big fan of Cinco de Mayo, mostly because when I worked at the Burrito it was one of those crazy nights when tons of people came out just to drink margaritas and get loud. It was like St. Patrick’s Day, but without the pinching. (Okay, there was some pinching, and the kind that there is no excuse for, ever. I don’t care what holiday it is.) Anyway, May 5th will always be another big day for me: it’s my brother’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Michael!

(I actually don’t think he reads this journal. But it’s the thought that counts, right?)

This is also a big movie weekend, with Tom Cruise’s latest, MI-3 (I think we’re supposed to use the acronym, it’s required) opening up today. I heard earlier on NPR that while the studio has high hopes for a big opening, they aren’t expecting women to show up in big numbers. I can’t speak for anyone else, but this woman is not that psyched for this movie. Now, to be fair, I’m not much of a blockbuster type (I didn’t see War of the Worlds, or Batman Begins, or any of the X-Men movies either). I have nothing against Tom Cruise, he’s just kind of weirded me out lately. The two movies of his I really loved were Rain Main and Jerry Maguire, when he was playing flawed characters who somehow came to a greater understanding. That’s the Tom I like. Couch jumping, love-proclaiming, ultrasound purchasing, Katie-Holmes smooching Tom…not my fave. But I’m sure the movie will be huge.

I’ve missed SO many movies with everything that’s been happening lately. I want to see Friends with Money AND American Dreamz. Are they still in theatres? Did I miss them entirely? I may have to just catch up on Netflix. I wish there was a movie I was really excited about, something I just can’t wait to see. Maybe once I read my Summer Movie Preview EW (I’m behind on that, too) I’ll find one. Here’s hoping. There’s nothing better than a great summer movie, right? Cold A/C, hot popcorn. Mmmmm. I better find a good film, fast.

Even with all this excitement (sporting events! Tom Cruise! EW!) there is one story that, when I saw it today on Google News, made me happier than everything else put together. Finally, FINALLY, we hear the honest truth from Nicole Richie about her weight loss. Can I tell you how many times I have looked at pictures of her in US Weekly—where they dare to post her “diet tips” while at the same time wondering if she’s too skinny, what kind of message is that?—and just felt my heart stop? How much I have worried about this person, a total stranger, as I watched her get thinner and thinner, wondering why in the world if I, in Chapel Hill, NC, could be so concerned about her that I wanted to intervene, the people around her, who know her and love her, have not done the same? Reading this, I felt a deep sense of relief, not only that she’s under a doctor’s care but also that she makes a point of saying her size is NOT something girls should emulate. Thank you, Nicole. I am thinking good thoughts for you. And you just made my day.

have a good one, everyone!
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