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How celebrity codependent am I that, having just seen Nick Lachey on GMA, I now feel like I should buy his single off of iTunes, if only to support him after the rough time he’s had lately? Add this in with my entry about Nicole Richie finally acknowledging her weight loss issues on Friday and I’m seriously beginning to think I have a problem. This is what happens when you read too much US Weekly: you start thinking that you actually KNOW these people. At any rate, I’m happy for Nick, he seems like he’s getting his life back and that’s good. Not that he cares what I think. But still.

In other quasi-celebrity news, thanks to whoever left the comment letting me know that How to Deal is premiering on the WB this Friday night, at 8pm. Very exciting. (I don’t know if this means it is just on my WB station, or all of them, but I’m still happy about it.) I actually just saw my friend Bill, who produced How to Deal, and I was telling him that I was eagerly awaiting the day it began to show up on regular television, like on Oxygen or the WE network. (I know it’s been on Starz! and Encore, but I don’t get those.) But I had no idea it was happening so soon! Now, if I was REALLY industrious, I’d set myself up and live-blog the movie as it was happening, putting in my two cents as it went along, kind of a like an audio commentary but, um, not. But to be honest, we’re supposed to be having people over here for dinner on Friday, and while I probably WILL force them to watch the movie, I don’t think I can ignore them and type the entire time it’s on. So maybe, instead, on Friday, I’ll devote an entire entry to all the little backstories from when I got to go to the set in Toronto (eating lunch with Trent Ford! riding in a minivan with Peter Gallagher! meeting so many nice Canadians!) and the premiere in New York (getting thisclose to Andy Roddick! free popcorn, all you could eat!). In the meantime, if you are interested in such things, you can check out what I have about the experience up on my site. Hopefully by Friday, I’ll have come up with lots of other fun stuff to add to it. I mean, I am getting older: my memory is not what it used to be. But still, lunch with Trent Ford is hard to forget. Sa-woon!

(I know it’s pretty nerdy to point out—although what I said about Nick Lachey and free popcorn probably already solidified my nerd status entirely—but, when you really think about it, it’s very cool that the movie is premiering on the WB. I mean, in a six degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of way, it puts me SOMEWHAT in contact with Gilmore Girls on the very week of the season finale. Okay, so it’s still kind of a long shot. But I will take it. )

Speaking of Gilmore Girls, what am I going to do when it’s over for the season? I swear, if they break up Luke and Lorelei I am going to scream at the TV horror-movie style: “NOOOOOOO!” All this buildup to the wedding, all this season? Please, please say it isn’t so. As for Rory and Logan, I hope they stay together. He’s growing on me, what can I say?

This is the time when all the shows start to wrap up, I guess. Only a few more Top Models, and Idols, GG will be over, three Sopranos left. And then…well, it’ll be summer. And you know how I love that, so I can’t complain. Maybe this summer I will just turn off the TV, throw out my US Weeklys, and focus instead on broadening my mind and soul, doing yoga and achieving inner peace.

Or, I could just devote myself to 90210 reruns. Hmmm. Wonder which way it’ll go?

have a great day, everyone!
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