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Tuesday, and yet again I wake up to a gray, chilly day. Okay, so I wasn’t crazy about the low nineties temperatures last week, but I take it back. Three days with no sunshine? Cold rain and dragging my sweaters BACK out of the closet, after thinking I’d put them up for good? Not fun. Hopefully it will end soon.

Meanwhile, speaking of endings and beginnings, I’ve had a nice little hiatus from promoting Just Listen, but starting in a few days I go back out for some appearances. Nothing like the cross-country insanity that was the book tour, but exciting doings nonetheless:

Thursday, May 11th: Barnes and Noble at Friendly Center, Greensboro NC, 7pm.
Saturday, May 13th: McIntyre’s Books, Pittsboro NC (come to Fearrington, see the cows! And, um, me too) 11am.
Monday, May 15th: Joseph-Beth, Charlotte NC, 6pm.

I’ll also be at BEA, which is this big booksellers convention, late next week, although I don’t think those events are open to the general public. Still, it will be very exciting, as I hear that BEA is the place to see Very Famous Authors. In fact, I have it on good authority (i.e. my friend Allison) that there will be Very Famous Authors all over the place, so many that it may just boggle my mind. Now, I always get starstruck when I see famous writers. A few years back, when I was at the Los Angeles Times Book Festival, I sat in the author greenroom in a total state of silent shock as I watched Amy Tan and Nicolas Sparks and Carl Reiner and Jonathan Safran Foer and so many others walking past. I knew technically I belonged there—I had a pass and everything—but I still felt not unlike the first day of school, in the cafeteria, when you’re standing there with your tray not sure where to sit but positive wherever you do everyone else will either a) look at you like you’re a freak b) move immediately or c) both. As it was I sat off to the side and just kind of freaked out. But that was three years ago: hopefully, I will be able to carry myself a little better now. Although if I see Jennifer Weiner, even from miles away, it will be all I can do not to shriek with excitement. But I will try to control myself.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, domestic activities await. I have a long string of errands to do this morning, stuff I have been putting off for ages. If I was really smart, I would have been doing these things–going to the bank, and the dry cleaner, and the post office, and the thrift shop—a few each day, tackling them as they came up. But no. Instead, I have let them accumulate to the point that I am now gasping under their collective crushing weight. Which means that this morning, I got up early, assembled piles and lists, and now must bust out the door to spend the entire morning running all over the place. I remember when I was a kid, and my mom was always doing errands. Back then I loved to go along to the hardware store or the library to return books or whatever. When did errands become such a chore? Probably when they became MY errands and my responsibility. Ah, for the days when running errands meant just being along for the ride and getting to sit in the car, flipping radio stations while someone else shuffled in and out of place after place, checking things off a list. Good times.

Still, there is a bright side. Think how productive I’ll feel once I’m done! How virtuous and accomplished!

*looks at clock*

Okay, maybe not. But here I go anyway.

have a great day everyone!
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