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Chicken down.

How many chickens have I bought for Coco since we got her back in July? I can’t even tell you. Too many to count, at about eight bucks a pop. And every time, she is OBSESSED with her chicken. It’s the first thing she runs to find when we come out in the morning. She is never happier than when she is walking around with it in her mouth, breathing loudly through her nose. Like this:

If you come to my house, she will bring it to you in all its spitty, chewed on glory, and drop it at your feet. It is because of this affection that I keep buying them for her, even when they seriously only last about a week, tops, before I come out and find one in the condition above, with stuffing spewed out on the floor all around it.

It’s one thing for it to have a few nibbles here and there, or maybe a tiny hole. But this: this is a deal breaker, the worst possible prognosis. I just have to wait until she’s not paying attention and chuck it into the trash. Because if she sees me do so, she’ll stand by the can forever, waiting for it. No, I’m not kidding.


And it’s not just chickens. My dogs destroy everything, even the toys that are marketed as INDESTRUCTIBLE. I feel the same way about these claims that I do when people who work at plant nurseries assure me, “Oh, deer won’t eat this.” Yeah, right. Things are different out here at our house. The normal rules do not apply. At this point, I’m about to just give Coco a bowling ball to play with and let her go at it. Although that might be kind of hard on her teeth.

But this chicken is not the only one having a bad day: what about Chris Daughtry getting axed on Idol last night? Yikes! Although I have to say, they always throw some kind of curve at us towards the end, to keep things interesting. Personally, I have my own conspiracy theories about the voting on Idol—mainly that it isn’t really what decides who stays or goes—but I still felt kind of bad for Chris when they announced he was heading home. He looked really surprised. So much for North Carolina being able to claim another Idol. I guess I’m all about Taylor, all the way now. Although I do like the Yamin, if only because I can refer to him as such. The Yamin. Nice.

Finally, just a reminder: I’ll be at the Barnes and Noble at Friendly Center in Greensboro, NC tonight, 7pm, to read and sign copies of Just Listen. Come by if you’re around. It’s the first signing I’ve done since the tour: it’s time to get back to work. Have to earn money to buy more chickens, right?

have a good day, everyone!
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