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Monday, and the start of a busy week: today, I head off to Charlotte (the Queen city!), where I’ll be reading at Joseph-Beth Booksellers at 6pm. Come out if you can. I have been told that this bookstore is near a very big mall, so it will be all I can do to keep up my no shopping (or not shopping much) streak. Especially because I think there is a Kate Spade store there. Oh, dear.

Anyway. I have bigger problems right now, in that I just noticed that I have a serious TV conflict this week. It happens on Thursday night, when I’m not even going to be here, because I’m going to D.C. for BEA. (If you’re attending the convention, I’m signing on Friday morning at 9:30, although I’m not sure where, exactly, yet.) Anyway, so it seems like EVERYTHING is wrapping up this week, including, Will and Grace (for good) CSI AND The O.C., all on Thursday at 9. Now, my Tivo can handle two of these, and it goes without saying one of them will be CSI unless I want to find myself served with divorce papers when I return. (All right, that might not happen, but it would be serious.) Which leaves me with the choice: do I watch the series finale of Will and Grace, a show I’ve been watching since it came on, or the season finale of The O.C., which was really good last week and looks very suspensful AND, if the ads are to be believed, someone might die? Yikes. This is a tough one. I’m thinking I have to go with W&G, just out of loyalty, and maybe get someone…, Courtney? Dana?—to tape the O.C. for me. Then, all I have to do is avoid the spoilers until I can get home and watch it. Good luck with that, right? Especially if someone dies. Oh, well.

In other news, thanks to everyone who came out at Fearrington on Saturday, where I had a great reading. During the Q&A, someone asked me if any of the other books were under option, and I relayed some recent news, which, in the interest of keeping you all Informed First (or, um second, but that was a local crowd) I will now pass along here. Just Listen has been optioned by a producer with an eye towards, you guessed it….television. I can’t really pass along many details now (mostly because I don’t know them) but I promise if and when I have something offiical to report you will be the first (or second) I’ll tell. Also, as I’ve said here before, there is a script being shopped around for This Lullaby by the producer of How to Deal, a script I like very much. But as we all know, these things are very hard to predict or control, which is why I’m happy to just sit here in NC and write books and hope for the best, always. But it is exciting nonetheless.

Finally (how did this end up being such a long entry?) something entertaining for your Monday. If you’ve never been to the great town of Carrboro, this will probably not make much sense to you. But if you know it well, you will laugh out loud. Suffice to say it is the crunchiest, coolest, hippest town in this great state (in my opinion anyway) and how many places can say they have their own video? Not many, my friends. Not many.

Okay, I’m off to Charlotte. Have a great day, everyone!
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