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So you know how every summer, there’s some story that seems to exist solely to freak us out? A few years back, it was sharks, attacking people off of beaches. Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about killer alligators. But here, for whatever reason, it’s all about the bats.


Okay, so bats freak me out. I’ll admit it. I know that they are not evil creatures, that they eat lots of mosquitoes, and therefore spare me many bugbites…but I still flip out when I see one fly by at dusk, just above my house. YIKES! I think this fear goes back to when I was younger, and bats occasionally made their way into my parents’ house. I remember once, years ago when I was in college, my mother called up in a total state. She was CONVINCED she’d seen a bat fly by in her house, but now couldn’t locate it and thought she was going nuts. So I went over—terrified!—and we looked through the whole house, everywhere. No bat. I finally convinced her maybe she was seeing things and left, at which point she walked over to the sink to wash her hands, saw the curtains move, pulled them aside and….you guessed it. Bat on the curtains! Cue total freakout, having to call animal control, the whole thing.

*double shudder*

Lately, bats are in the news. First there was a story about a woman who was outside in her yard and a bat landed on her back. She didn’t know it was there—!!!!!—came in, reached around and felt it, and it bit her. Oh.My.God. Then, when I got home yesterday, there was a story about a kid who was bit by a bat while he was sleeping. Which just brings the fear to a whole other level. I mean, how do you prevent THAT? Not sleep? Sleep with a helmet on?

So last night I’m in bed, trying to read, and I start thinking about this. About how bats can somehow just get in the house, and hang out on your curtains, then bite you while you’re sleeping. And of course I’m talking myself into a total panic and my husband comes in and says, “What’s wrong?” When I told him, he laughed at me. (I get no support on this, I tell you. None.) “I’m freaked out about the bats!” I protested, to which he replied, “You know, I’ve been really worried about a giraffe getting in somehow and biting me while I slept. It’s really been stressing me out.” Which is a) so not nice and b) completely ridiculous, because a giraffe could not just sneak in, and definitely not hide in the curtains. So I just looked at him, and pretended to go back to my book. But all night I kept thinking about it, shuddering. Eeeeek.

I guess the lesson here is that there is always something you could be freaking out about. Like when I was in San Francisco, I kept thinking, “I could never live here because I’d be so afraid of earthquakes.” But here, we have hurricanes, and also tornadoes. Maybe I don’t have to worry about sharks or alligators, but there are bats. The world is dangerous, that is just a solid fact. I suppose the trick is finding the balance between being aware of this, and still living a life around it. That’s the part I’m working on, now and always. I mean, the other day, my husband saw a spider on the wall, and walked over to catch it: Coco ran over at the same time, and was just about to sniff it (and most likely eat it) when he pulled her back: it was a black widow. Probably would have killed her if it bit her. I mean, what can you do with that? Just sigh with relief, wipe your brow, be grateful? Or panic when you see any spider, ever?

I don’t know the answer to these questions. I guess I’m just doing the best I can, under the circumstances. It’s day to day.

Man, I do not want to end on this heavy note. So I’ll just say this: America’s Next Top Model finale? I don’t even have a favorite, but I think it’ll be Joanie or Danielle. As far as Idol, I’m Taylor all the way, although I wish he’d stop promoting the Soul Patrol. We get it, okay? I’d like to see it be Taylor and the Yamin next week. I guess we’ll see…..

have a good day, everyone!
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