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Off to D.C. this morning (hence the super-early morning entry) for BEA. If you’re attending the convention, I’m signing on Friday morning at 9:30 at table 13. Stop by and say hello if you can. We can discuss black widows, or bats, or killer giraffes. Whatever you want.

This is the last bit of traveling I’m doing for awhile, at least until the end of June, and I have to say I’m feeling a bit wistful about it all. These last few weeks have been crazy and fun and dreamlike and intense and a million other things. The book is still on the NYT list, which is nuts. The mind boggles, it really does. But once home, it’ll almost be Memorial Day, which means the beginning of summer and deviled egg season, so it’s all good.

Before I head off to obsess over whether I’m forgetting anything, or if I’ll hit traffic on the way to the airport, I must comment on both ANTM and Idol. (If for some reason you have been under a rock or too busy to watch and still have the episodes on DVR, stop reading now!) First, Top Model: was I the only one not really enthused about the finale, or even the season? I just felt kind of….blah. Danielle was fine and all that but there was less oomph this cycle, or something. Maybe it’s just me. Plus the final runway show was a bit tepid. The walk-offs on Project Runway had more punch, in my opinion, even when it was just the designers doing it for fun. That alone speaks volumes, I think.

And Idol. My Yamin! It was a sad moment. But when you look at the final two, you can kind of see that this is where it’s been going, all along. I think Taylor will take it, but I might be wrong, God knows I have been before. Now the only question is how much hype and how many hours we must endure before we find out who won. They can drag something out on Idol, can’t they? Sheesh.

Anyway. Posts may be a little erratic the next couple of days, but I will try to update from BEA, especially if I have any Famous Author Sightings. I have made a list of who is signing when, and I intend to hit the lines to get signed books and, possibly, even pictures. Nerd alert! I know. But I can’t help myself.

have a great day everyone!