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On Monday, I promise a full recap of the madness that is BEA. Suffice to say, it has been a total whirlwind, starting with a great dinner event last night where I met so many famous YA authors (Holly Black! Cecil Castelluci!) followed by a wild day today at the convention center. Right now, I’m at my hotel, completely exhausted. But I could not wait to share these with you, so here’s me with…

Laurie Halse Anderson, superstar author, whose speech at breakfast I heard totally kicked butt

Meg Cabot, and yes she is just as cool and funny and charming as you think she is


Jennifer Weiner, whose line I stod in forever, totally stoked and nervous, and she was SO nice and gracious and knew who I was and my day was made. No joke. (Edit: someone left a comment below saying if I’d met Megan McCafferty, I would have been in their author heaven. Well: I did. But I was an idiot and didn’t get a picture. So you’ll have to take my word for it. I’m trustworthy, I swear!)

And added bonus of all bonuses? Today, first thing, when I got on the elevator here at the hotel, I glanced over at the guy beside me, who looked awfully familiar. For a good reason: it was Stephen Colbert. NO JOKE! I wish I had been able to say something clever or cool to him, but instead I just smiled. He smiled back. So great, right?

Man. What a day. I am a lucky girl.

have a great weekend everyone!