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Okay, people: it’s almost here.

If you read this space regularly, you already know that summer is my very favorite season. (In fact, if you read my BOOKS you know this, as I’ve set so many of them then.) All year long, but especially in those long, dark stretches of January and February, when it gets dark at 4:45, there is one thing on my mind, and it’s a day just like today. Late May, warm and sunny, with June and July and August stretching out ahead, three full months of hot weather and cicada-filled nights and deviled eggs and the Tour de France and ice cream and going to Cape Cod to see my cousins and oh my gosh I’m getting so excited I have to stop listing things.

Yes, I know it will also be wicked humid, and buggy. And sure, the thunderstorms and sunburns and droughts aren’t much fun either. But it’s SUMMER, people! The one time of year that you are practically required to be lazy, at least part of the time, when it stays light until 9pm, when hot dogs cooked on the grill are the ultimate cuisine. Personally, I intend to celebrate this weekend, when everyone else is going out of town, by making deviled eggs, reading many glossy magazines and going to an old fashioned summer party COMPLETE with fried chicken and yard games. Even if these sorts of events aren’t in your plans, I hope you’ll make the most of this, the beginning of the season. Go outside, at least, and sit in the grass. Take off your shoes, wiggle your toes. Go for a walk after dinner and listen to the crickets. (Or, if you live in the city….um, what do you have instead of crickets? Car horns? Not the same, I guess.) Whatever you do, I wish you the best summer ever, full of amazing changes and events and memories, the kind that someone like me, say, would want to write a book about. Yeah. That good.

Before I head off to begin my weekend, and summer, a few pictures. First, on my way to Raleigh last night for a great last event (thanks, Melanie!) I got stuck in traffic on I-40. A drag, sure. But then I happened to look at the van in front of me:

Yes, that says, A DIVISION OF SILLY P FLOORWORKS. If you are a David Sedaris fan at all, you will understand why this was so exciting for me. And if you’re not, run to the nearest bookstore or library and find his books, they are the BEST.

As I said, the event at Borders was great, made even better by two of my former students showing up. There was also Rebecca, whose camera wasn’t working, but really wanted a picture. So we took one with mine, with the idea I’d email it to her. But Rebecca! The email you gave me doesn’t work!If you’re reading this, send me the correct one at sarah at sarah dessen dot com, okay? But here’s the picture anyway, as promised:

There were storms all the way to Raleigh, lightning and thunder and fenderbenders galore. But then, heading back, the traffic was gone, the lanes clear, and the sun was going down. You know how sometimes you see a sunset that is so incredible, you just can’t even believe it? This was one of those. I knew even as I took the picture it would never do justice, but I tried anyway. And it seemed fitting, eight weeks after the book came out, with my signings and the tour finished, to drive off into a sunset. And on the other side…summer. I can’t wait.

have a great weekend, everyone!
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