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Ah, yes. I made deviled eggs twice this weekend, once on Friday night (to celebrate the weekend beginning) and once last night (to mark Memorial Day officially). The guitar pick, by the way, is just for garnish. What can I say, we were out of parsley.

So it was a great weekend all around. Lovely weather (hot and humid, but that’s NC in the summer) lots of good times with good friends, and I saw a great movie and read a great book. What more can you ask for?

I cannot sing the praises enough of Anne Tyler’s latest, Digging to America. How good was it? So good that last night, when I realized I only had a handful of pages left, I stopped reading (which was HARD to do, it’s so freaking good) just because I didn’t want to go to sleep sad that it was over. Then I woke up this morning, grabbed it, and finished it, getting both chills (which means a book is really good) and tearing up (meaning it’s, like, in my top five of all time). Whew. This is her seventeenth book, if you can even believe that, and she just keeps getting better. It was just so beautiful, and perfect, the characters so well drawn. It’s like a master class in everything you need to know about writing (in particular using third person, which I personally am not able to do, she makes it look so EASY!). Just an amazing book, and how often do you get to say that?

Then, last night, I watched Match Point, which had been sitting in its Netflix sleeve on my shelf for ages. Now, I know a lot of people don’t like Woody Allen, or Woody Allen movies (my husband included, which is why I watched it by myself, but whatever). But let me say this: this is not your typical Woody Allen movie. It’s not set in New York, there’s not a lot of neurotic yammering (although I tend to like that myself, but to each his own). It’s a thriller and a love story and I loved it, was completely sucked in all the way to the last shot, who knew Woody Allen could make this kind of movie? Not me, and I see why it was so well reviewed and nominated for lots of awards. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is great—and I loved him in Bend it like Beckham!—as is Scarlett Johanssen. Definitely worth the rental, in my humble opinion.

What else happened this weekend? Let’s see. We went to a great birthday party on Saturday, a theme party, although I kind of missed the message and did not arrive in costume—white trash/redneck—like everyone else. Whoops. I think that might be even worse than being the only one in costume, being the lone person not in on the joke. Luckily, my hostess was very gracious about it, and since I brought both bean salad and the dessert we call crack (so named because you crack it into pieces, once frozen, long story) all was forgiven. Also: Coco got stung by a wasp, I freaked out and called the vet, who said to give her Benadryl. She fell dead asleep, then was totally hyper all afternoon, whizzing around the house like a bullet. Whew!

Oh, and finally this: yesterday, right as I was starting dinner, I saw something just past our fence. I thought it was a dog, a small dog at first, and then realized it was instead a baby deer, a true bambi, with its mother. And SO tiny, the smallest deer I have ever seen, all spotted. Like, literally fifteen pounds, max, smaller even than Coco. A friend of ours who is a vet and called later said at that size, it was probably only a couple of hours old. Sure enough, the mother kept stopping to lick it as they walked by. I tried to take a picture but they were moving too fast, but suffice to say it was probably the coolest thing that happened all weekend, which is saying a lot, considering. Nice, right?

And now it’s already Tuesday! It just keeps getting better….

have a great day, everyone!
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