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At last count, I subscribed to about ten magazines, from O to Us Weekly to Real Simple (I always want to call it Live Simple, why is that?). Depending on how busy I am, I’m always behind in reading them, but I love nothing more than to curl up with a big stack and kill an afternoon catching up.

Now, I don’t know how many of you out there are hardcore magazine subscribers, but if you are, you know most publications are always trying to get you to renew. Once you do, they give you about a month grace period before they start bugging you again, sending all kinds of reminders, even though you have practically a whole year before you actually need to worry about it. It’s totally annoying, and one of my serious pet peeves. But not all magazines do this, as I discovered when my Entertainment Weeklys stopped coming.

I LOVE Entertainment Weekly. I am a longtime subscriber, having signed up back in the days when I couldn’t afford People, only to find out it’s just SO much better. If you like pop culture at all, EW is your magazine: a weekly roundup of movies, books, CDs and DVDS, plus great articles. No, I’m not getting paid to say this. It’s just the truth. It’s also why I can have a whole stack of Os and Live (Real) Simples but go straight to my new EW the minute I pull it out of my mailbox. But when I got home from DC a couple of weeks back, I realized my most recent issue hadn’t shown up. I’d seen it at a newstand: it was all about the new X-Men movie. I waited. Waited some more. Nothing. Just when I was convinced someone had stolen it (damn you, postal worker!) I found an old issue in the recycling bin and checked the expiration date. April! And no one reminded me! I swear! So it had run out. Which means that I have missed not only the X-Men cover, which is unfortunate, but the Jen and Vince one as well, which is a full out tragedy. I feel completely lost right now. I don’t know what’s on TV this week. When is Entourage starting? What has Stephen King had to say in his backpage essays? Has there been ample coverage of The Hills? (I bet there has. Damn you, polite renewal people!) I guess the point of this story is that there’s got to be some sort of middle ground. Don’t bury me with letters urging me to renew when I’ve already done it, but for goodness sake, in the name of all that is good and right in the world, at least send ONE when the subscription is about to expire. Please!

*takes deep breath*

Suffice to say, I renewed online as soon as I realized this. Now, all I can do is wait. And, um, hit the newstand for that Jen and Vince issue. So it’s all okay.

In other news, I’m sure everyone in the blogosphere is writing about the spelling bee finals being on ABC tonight, so I won’t add to the commentary except to say that yes, I will most likely watch, because I have run through everything on my Tivo and have nothing else to do. Why do all my shows have to end at once, at the exact same time I don’t have an EW to find out what else I should be watching? I’ve ordered the first season of Grey’s Anatomy from Netflix, which everyone says I will love, as well as the miniseries Beach Girls, which ran on Lifetime, since I’ve heard that’s worth a look as well. So again, I am left to wait. Damn you, slow passage of time!

(I swear, I’m not really angry today. I’m actually quite cheerful, despite the ranting and raving.)

I’m also–brace yourself—cool? I put a question mark there, because I personally know it’s not true (and my friends and family would agree, I promise you). But according to this blogring, someone out there sees things differently. I think this means I’ve jumped the shark, maybe. (And how could I have missed that, I ask you?) Still, I’m grateful for any and all readers, past, present and future. Just Listen has now been on the bestseller list eight weeks (!) which continues to shock and awe me. Who knew? Not me, I’ll tell you that much. I’m flabbergasted. Which I guess is, um, pretty uncool. Oh, well.

have a great day, everyone!
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