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It’s Monday, and I have a confession: I’ve been watching Veronica Mars.

On DVD, via Netflix, the entire first season. It’s been going on for months, and I should have told you. And it’s been really hard not to. But the further I got into it, with the mystery of who killed Lily Kane, it became clear that it was going to be VERY hard to keep from finding out who did it. Mostly because every time I told anyone we were watching it, and loving it, they’d say, “Oh, my God! Can you even believe it was—-” at which point I’d slap my hand over their mouth and shush them, begging them not to spoil it for me. I stopped telling people, because I knew it was just going to KILL me to find out ahead of time. We were watching the discs slowly, but then, when we got to the last six or so episodes, we started to speed through them: we watched four in a row on Thursday. I know! Addicted. It’s SUCH a good show—you guys were all right about that, of course, and I wouldn’t have watched it without your recommendation—so well written, and smart, and clever, and I now adore Kristen Bell. Sigh. The downside? I haven’t seen any of the ones from this season, which means I have to keep myself in this self-imposed media blackout all over again while I wait for it to come out on DVD. But my husband caught a bit of one of the newer episodes a few weeks back, and said it looked like she and Logan were together? Which I hope is true. Oh, but don’t tell me. Please!

(This is so exhausting, avoiding spoilers. Honestly.)

Speaking of TV—do I ever speak of anything else?—the Sopranos wrapped up last night, until 2007. I was expecting some sort of big finish, since they’re making us hang on again for so long, but true to form, they never give you exactly what you want. I swear, this show can be so frustrating, and they make you wait ages between seasons, but man, is it well written. The storylines aren’t a straight shot: sometimes, they’ll have a scene that you think has nothing to do with anything, but later you realize it’s given you some subtext or strengthened a theme, although very subtly. You have to pay attention, and it’s just so well done. But waiting MONTHS for the series finale? Frustrating. But I’ll be there, of course. They’ve got me. And at least, now, there’s Entourage to look forward to. Hug it out!

In other news of things writing, and writing-related, the fabulous Meg Cabot has a new novel out, The Queen of Babble, and has been reporting from the road during her book tour. Her latest entry made me laugh out loud, if only because I can very much remember living and dying by my itinerary during my own little traveling stint a few weeks back. If you don’t read Meg’s blog, you should: it’s funny and fresh and fab, just like her books. Every time I read it, I think that I just want to go out to lunch with her and have some drinks with little umbrellas in them and just listen to her talk. Although I guess that sounds sort of stalker-ish, so maybe the blog is the better way to go.

Finally (sorry!) a quick word about two things that you wouldn’t think have much in common: North Carolina and hockey. Yes, the Carolina Hurricanes are in the Stanley Cup finals. Yes, it’s very exciting. No, I know next to nothing about hockey. But I am cheering for them anyway. How did a state that didn’t even have any ice or snow this year end up with such a good hockey team? Who knows? Suffice to say it’s making the start of summer that much more interesting. And I need a distraction, with my satanic birthday right around the corner. Go Canes!

have a good day, everyone!
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