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I swear, outside, it feels like the rain forest. Humid, wet and dripping, frogs chirping. It’s like living inside a sponge. Not that I’m complaining, of course. But it is kind of odd.

This weekend, I continued to solidify my standing at the fix-it guru in my family. Following my victories with the treadmill (I replaced a battery!) and the paper shredder (I hit it with my hand!) on Saturday, I went over to my parents’ house and tackled my hardest job yet: replacing the keyboard on my dad’s laptop. I know, I know. I have NO business doing this. But one of his keys had fallen off, and Dell had sent the new keyboard along with instructions on how to replace it. They made it SOUND easy, at least, but I know better than to fall for that old trick. It’s just there to make you feel like a moron when you can’t do it. And let me just say that unlike the treadmill and the paper shredder, this was more delicate work. I mean, a laptop is a big deal, very breakable, not to mention, at least in my dad’s case, a necessity. So understandably, I was nervous.

(Let me just pause for a moment here to say that it’s mind-boggling that I EVER became the go-to person for when things aren’t working. I mean, I’m naturally impatient and emotional, for starters. Second, I am totally whatever side of the brain it is that deals with words and writing, and not the math and science side. (If you need proof, note that I don’t even know my sides!) But somehow, in the last few years, I have become not only the technology person at my house, but also the one my parents call when they can’t get something to work. It’s flattering, yes, but I also feel like a big sham, because at some point, I will cause irreparable damage to something, and my cover will be blown. I was just hoping—okay, praying—it wouldn’t be with this laptop.)

So I pick up the directions my dad printed out and get to work. The first thing I had to do was pry off a piece, in order to get to the screws beneath. I wedged a nail file underneath it, and then gently, gently worked at it, expecting at any moment to hear a CRACK! as it snapped in half. But I got it off. Then I had to unscrew some very tiny screws, ease out the old keyboard and slip the new one in. Plus there was this very odd looking piece I had to unsnap which looked so technological I almost had a nervous breakdown. I swear, the entire time I was doing this–with my dad standing by, watching me—I felt like I was in one of those movies where someone has to dismantle a bomb while standing on the ledge of a very tall building with the fate of the world as we know it hanging in the balance. You know, when they’ve got to cut the red wire, but not the white one, and they’re all tangled together? I was literally sweating. Yikes!

I know some of you, reading this, are laughing out loud because you do stuff ten times more complicated every single day. But for us novices, it’s a little unnerving. Anyway, I finally got the screws put back in, replaced the plastic panel, we turned the laptop on and…it worked. Whew. My dad was pleased, my heart rate returned to normal, and I decided to leave while I was ahead. I think it might be time to get out of the fix-it business in general, in fact. Go out on a high note, if you will. It’s the same reason I don’t set people up anymore: I had one setup work really well (they got married!) and then I was out. When you’re good, you’re good, but it’s also a nice thing to know when you’re done, as well.

Also important? To recognize when you aren’t just not helping but just might be hindering. Take, for instance, the Stanley Cup finals. I have watched no Hurricanes games all year, not a one. But last week, I watched a little bit of one at a friend’s house and the entire time I did, we were losing. I walk into the kitchen, away from the TV: we score. I leave a few minutes later, and we end up winning. I didn’t watch another game, for fear of jinxing the Canes, until these same friends convinced me I was being silly on Saturday night and we turned it on. And lost. My husband keeps telling me that to assume I have some kind of sway over the outcome of games is to grant myself ENTIRELY too much importance in the universe, and he’s probably right. But still, I think I’ll stick to Grey’s Anatomy (which I am LOVING, by the way) tonight, just to be on the safe side.

Man. It’s raining AGAIN. Oh, well. At least the plants are happy.

have a good day, everyone!
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