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Got a dog with a stomach bug, so I’ll have to keep this short. It’s only a little after nine, but I’ve already cleaned up all kinds of stuff you don’t even want to know about. And how’s YOUR morning going?

Actually, I think Coco is feeling better, so hopefully we’re over the worst of it. Which is good, because I really have a ton of errands to run today, and I couldn’t leave her in the state she was in a couple of hours ago. One of my goals I hope to achieve this morning: a trip to Sam’s Club. Now, I used to be a Costco girl all the way, but the nearest one was about a ways from here, so when a Sam’s opened up closer, I joined. It’s not the same—Costco has better books and movies, in my opinion, and better food, as well—but it does save me some time, I guess. Truthfully I don’t go as often as I did when I was younger and more fascinated with the concept of buying in bulk. Back then, something really appealed to me about having LOTS of any one thing, even if, ironically, I had less space than ever in which to store it. In fact, my old house in Durham didn’t even have any real closets (I know, I know) which meant that when I bought–

(I just had to stop writing and take Coco out again. Maybe we’re not out of the woods yet after all. Hmmm.)

—massive amounts of toilet paper or paper towels I had to store them anywhere I could, like under beds or on high shelves, where they were always falling down on people. Which at least was not painful, but still kind of embarrassing. Back then, I bought all kinds of stuff at Sam’s that I could never in a million years finish, like huge containers of almonds, or flour, just because it seemed like Such A Good Buy at the time. That was before I actually came to my senses and realized that you also must consider in the clutter value (how much space that HUGE box of Cheerios is taking up in your very small pantry) as well as the rot factor (chances are, you’re NOT going to finish that enormous wedge of gouda before it goes bad, I don’t care how much you love cheese). So these days, when I go bulk shopping, I try to be sensible. For example, I buy bottled waters (because I’m like a camel, and drink water all day) as well as paper towels (which you can never really have enough of, especially when you have a dog with a stomach bug). I resist buying whatever they’re handing out free samples of, having learned my lesson when I was starving and somehow convinced myself that sure, I could eat a hundred creme puffs, over time. I could not. But the prices are often great on non-perishables, and if you’re a school supply nerd like me, you almost squeal at the thought of purchasing Post-its and pens in vast quantities. In fact, I am STILL working through a box of file folders I bought back in 1997. But at least they haven’t rotted yet.

In other news, the Hurricanes won last night and no, I wasn’t watching. (And if you read my entry yesterday you know that this is probably why they won. Or at least one of the reasons.) I was sitting with my laptop, immersed in Grey’s Anatomy. I know I am so late to the party on this, but who knew Patrick Dempsey would end up being so sawoon-worthy? Not me, and I was of the generation that saw Can’t Buy Me Love about a million times. Of course, now that I’m totally into this show, it will probably peak (if it hasn’t already) and then everyone will say, “Oh, it was so much better before,” but of course I’m already hooked, so I’ll watch it all the way to the bitter end anyway. Classic. I am trying to pace myself so that I don’t burn through the first season too quickly, but it is HARD. At least there’s Veronica Mars tonight.

Okay, Coco needs to go out again. Maybe I won’t be buying a thousand Post-its today after all…..

have a good day, everyone!
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