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First off, I want to say thank you to EVERYONE for their kind thoughts about Coco. She’s still at the vet this morning, and doing okay, although they want to run some more tests and make sure she can keep food down before she comes home. I miss her so much, and I want her to be here more than anything, but not until she’s fully better. I’m hoping if she can’t come home today that I can go visit her again. Yesterday she was totally doped up on morphine and out of it. But I think she still was happy to see us.

For obvious reasons, I’ve been kind of out of it this week—how can it already be Thursday?—which was why I only got around to watching the new show Tuesday Night Book Club last night, which, um, actually Wednesday. I was intrigued by this show because of the title. I mean, a show about a book club? Sign me up!(Especially since I’m not in a bookclub myself, although I have always kind of thought it would be cool.) Anyway, here’s what I learned last night: in this club, they don’t read the book. Hmmmm. In fact, the book in question was only mentioned IN PASSING at the very beginning, and then everyone quickly admitted they hadn’t read it yet. I mean, hello? And the book in question is Jennifer Weiner’s Good In Bed, which I have to say is the kind of book that once you read five pages you cannot stop, which makes me think these women were lying about even opening it in the first place.

So the book part took, like, literally fifteen seconds. And then this voiceover narrator comes on to introduce us to all the characters. (The fact that she sounds like the narrator from Desperate Housewives is, I am sure, no coincidence.) Here’s the show in a nutshell: it’s Laguna Beach, but older. And also—and I didn’t even think this was POSSIBLE—it’s Laguna Beach but faker. Let me explain. If you know anything about how TV shows or movies are shot, you know that it’s complicated. There are camera people, and someone holding a mic, and lights, lots of cords and such. Which is why, on this show, when they showed the girl in the unhappy marriage in her bedroom, her husband asleep while she gazed sadly, awake, at the ceiling or whatever, it may LOOK like a moment of quiet, private contemplation. But no. That entire shot had to be set up to look that way, and let me tell you, it looked good. Picture an entire camera crew, at the end of the bed, filming. Could you sleep with all that going on? Nope.

Likewise with the very short shot of the woman reading the book (blink and you’ll miss it!) on her bed, or, even better, when we see this same woman come in from outside to her house to greet her dog. Which means the camera crew was already in the house, all set up, waiting for her. My point is that something like this should not even BEGIN to be called a reality show, because it’s just not. If you want to see what it really looks like when someone’s just shooting you on the fly as it happens, go watch COPS. That’s why no one ever looks good on that show. Because it’s REAL. Seriously.

Anyway, clearly the show is not what I expected. The book—and book club—is just a framing device, and you have to wonder if Good In Bed was most likely picked for its title alone, with no thought given at all to the fact that it is a book that would, yes, inspire interesting discussion. And anyway, these women have no time to read anyway, as they are too busy belittling their husbands, adopting skunks (yes, you read that right), contemplating leaving their marriages or standing around at a party smiling while someone else’s husband makes jokes about swinging. (And I’m not talking about playgrounds, people.) The one thing I could relate to? The woman whose dog was at the vet after throwing up all day, because he’d eaten her incredibly expensive engagement ring. We still don’t know what Coco ate, but I can guarantee it wasn’t that. Then again, I have nothing else in common with these women, so this shouldn’t be surprising.

Sigh. Maybe I’m just crabby this week. It’s entirely possible, I’ve been a bit stressed. But I guess I was just hoping that this show would present reading in a more positive light. These women are presented with SO many problems, and you know, books can help with that. Reading has always been my solace, the one thing I can count on to calm me down when the rest of the world is moving too fast. It lets you walk in someone else’s shoes, live in someone else’s head. You can travel the world and never leave your couch, live another life entirely in three hundred pages. I mean, it’s amazing. What other activity can make you quiet yourself and be present at the same time that it transports you to another place? What a concept! It’s so good, they should put it on TV.

have a good day, everyone!
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