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So it’s Friday, the end of a particularly difficult week, and I’m hoping that the weekend will be that much better. According to the vet Coco MIGHT be able to come home today. Fingers crossed.

I’ve been so behind and distracted all week that I’m only just now beginning to catch up on stuff. Last night, I watched the pilot of Windfall—which I think I tivoed last week, or maybe the week before that, even?—and I thought it was pretty good. Now, of course, in the interest of full disclosure I have to say that I pretty much only know of this show because Luke Perry is in it, even though there are, like, about twenty other people in the cast. (It’s about a bunch of people who have a party, all put in money to buy lottery tickets, and win, and how it affects their lives. Interesting premise, I have to say.) Here’s my question. How is it that Luke Perry is five years older than me, and yet while I have changed since the years of 90210, he pretty much looks exactly the same? (Except for the hair, but it’s not like he could keep that altitude going forever.) I swear, it’s mind boggling. Anyway, as I said, L.P. was only in about ten minutes cumulatively of the episode last night, but since that’s ten minutes more than I’ve seen him lately (except in 9er reruns) I was happy. Whether or not I can keep up another hour-long show though, I’m not sure. We shall see.

Speaking of new shows that I love, if I wasn’t already convinced of my new obsession with Veronica Mars, here is proof: I downloaded the theme song off of iTunes. Yes, I know I’m a total geek. I’m being honest here, people! I’m baring my soul! What can I say, you watch a bunch of episodes back to back and it gets in your head. Another sign that I’m totally drinking the VM kool-aid: I am now hell-bent that everyone ELSE watch it as well. Benjamin and Courtney, I am looking at you!

My brother actually gave me an iTunes gift certificate for my birthday, so other than the VM song (which is “We Used To Be Friends” by the Dandy Warhols, if you aren’t watching. And why aren’t you watching?) I also bought a few more songs for the beginning of summer. Like Christina Aguilera’s newest, “Ain’t No Other Man,” which I predict will be so huge we’re all going to be sick of it by September. But for now, I like. I also like Christina (or is she still Xtina?), especially because now she’s gone all retro-Hollywood glam, even though it was not all that long ago that she was wearing leather chaps and adding extra adjectives to words like Dirrty. Sigh. The good old days. Anyway, the song is great, especially if you need something fast to run to on the treadmill, which I always do. I also bought a song called “This Is Us,” which is a duet by Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris that is so sweet it just makes me sigh. Sigh. Plus I still have enough money left to buy twenty-odd more songs, which is a lot of miles on the treadmill. Score!

Finally, for your Friday, and because it’s been a long, hard week, a little mindless entertainment. I read about the Mentos-Diet Coke phenomenon in the paper the other day, but didn’t actually get it until I saw this video. What I want to know is, how did people discover this chemical reaction? Were they just tossing mentos into cokes for fun? Or accidentally dropped one, only to be shocked by the ensuing geyser? However it happened, it is interesting. Although I’d hate to be the one to deal with that stain on the ceiling. How do you explain THAT to your landlord?

(Okay, I think that official makes me old. When you’re not thinking about the actual event, but worrying about the aftermath. Man. I bet Luke Perry doesn’t do that!)

have a good weekend, everyone!
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