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Thanks again to everyone for all the good thoughts for my Coco. She’s home now, and is improving by the day. She’s still really skinny (almost Nicole-Richie esque, her head looks enormous) but I’m hoping to fatten her up in the next week or so. When we brought her home on Friday she was still really drugged up and out of it, sort of freaked out. But when she came in, sniffed Monkey, and then went straight to find her chicken, I thought, okay. She’s going to be all right.

Meanwhile, it’s Monday, which just seems bizarre as the weekend went by so quickly. Then again, I spent most of it hovering over Coco to the point that she began to flat-out avoid me, skittering away whenever I approached. Okay, so I’m a little overprotective. What can you do? This coming weekend, I’m heading off to the American Library Association conference in New Orleans; plus, tomorrow, I’m taping a segment for NC Bookwatch, a show that airs on our local PBS station. So you know what that means: I have to get back into book-promoting mode.

Book promoting mode is different than the mode I’ve been in for the last few weeks, i.e. writing-watching Grey’s Anatomy-worrying over dogs mode. In that mode, I pretty much bum around in shorts and T-shirts, eating Whole Foods popcorn and spending a lot of time with my laptop, nibbling my nails and thinking out loud. In book-promoting mode, though, I have to clean up. Get my eyebrows plucked, find and dry clean the nicer clothes, bust out the tinted moisturizer and three-step lip ritual (liner, lipstick, gloss, it’s obsessive, I know). I have to go from avoiding the phone and shutting myself off so I can concentrate on writing to being social and perky. Now, see, normally these two modes don’t overlap that much. I have, like, months of writing-Whole Foods popcorn-obsessing mode, followed by a few months of book promotion, which by that point I’m ready for, as I’ve been a total recluse for long enough I’m actually starved for any kind of interaction. Lately, however, I keep switching back and forth between them, which gives me a weird form of social whiplash. So if you see me at ALA and I seem kind of stunned (and yet plucked and glossed) you’ll know why. Once I’m home, though, it’s back down the rabbit hole, at least until I do a few bookstore appearances in Cape Cod in late July. Which will also be kind of odd, I guess, breaking up a vacation to go into promotional mode. But it’s the Cape: I think I can probably show up in flip flops and they’d be cool with it. Or so I’m hoping.

Speaking of summer, and confusion, I was at the grocery store yesterday when I saw a duck. (Check that transition: talk about whiplash!) I was driving past the front entrance, and there it was, a green mallard, just standing there, as if waiting for a ride. Kind of weird, right? I mean, you sometimes see gulls in parking lots, and pigeons of course, but this duck seemed really out of place. (I kept thinking about that Mitch Hedberg bit about ducks in the city: “There’s nothing for them there, man.”) Then when I got out of my car, I saw another one, one row over. It was standing next to this car, quacking at it, as I got closer I saw it could see its own reflection in the side of the car. Which made me sad, thinking it thought it was another duck, or something. I know, I know, I read WAY too much into everything. But it’s just unsettling to see things where they don’t belong, as if it tips the natural balance of the world or something. The entire time I was shopping I kept thinking about those ducks, worrying about them dodging cars and shopping carts. But when I came out about a half hour later, they were gone. So here’s hoping they found each other, and moved on together.

*reads over entry*

Okay, so that was really schmaltzy. I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe I’m still stressed out from last week? It’s entirely possible. Oh, well. Time to shake off the emotional stuff, take a deep breath, and move on into the week. Forget ducks: Go Hurricanes!

have a good day, everyone!