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Hurricanes win the Stanley Cup!

*claps excitedly*

Now, I only watched the last 1:51 of the game, due to my fear of jinxing the team (and after watching parts of the last two, I believe that this fear was well-founded). In fact, as the clock wound down I was in the bedroom, TRYING to concentrate on reading EW, but I could hear the TV clearly, and the crowd screaming, so I was a nervous wreck anyway. When I finally did come out my husband was practically having a heart attack on the couch he was so on edge. I have to say that in a state that lives and breathes basketball, and in a part of that state where there are three massive rivalries within about twenty miles of each other, it’s kind of nice to have one team everyone can pull for. Even if it is a sport most of the natives knew next to nothing about until the franchise arrived nine years ago. So, yes, exciting. Now we rest up for a few days and then…the Tour. The Tour!

*claps again*

Meanwhile, speaking of achievements, yesterday I had a victory of my own: I finally canceled my AOL account. I know, I know. I’ve been needing to do it forever, but I knew when I called they’d give me the hard sell, so I had to wait until I was in the right frame of mind. So I called yesterday morning, since I was in a good mood and had some time to kill. First, when I picked cancellation as my option off the phone menu, I was put on hold for ten minutes. Then disconnected. (If you’d like to make a call, please hang up and try again, etc.) So I called back, again picked cancellation, held for another five minutes or so, and then, I got Steven.

It was Steven’s job to talk me out of canceling my account. I knew this, and I could tell he was good at his job, as he immediately began to both kiss up to me and try to scare me at the same time (“I’ll be so happy to help you with that…but you do know that only AOL has true virus protection, and your whole system could crash if you quit us?”). I’d decided before I called, based on what I’d heard from all of you and some other folks, that I was going to go total broken record if I got resistance. So I told Steven I wanted to cancel my account. And then, every time he came back at me with a reason I shouldn’t, I repeated myself. It went kind of like this:

Me: I want to cancel my account.
Steven: I’d be happy to help you with that. But you know, as a member, you get many extra features that—
Me: I want to cancel my account.
Steven: I understand. But you should know that only with AOL will you get the kind of virus protection—
Me: I want to cancel my account.
Steven: Okay. But before you do, let me just tell you some of the—
Me: I want to cancel my account.

This went on for literally about fifteen minutes. Finally, I interrupted him as he was going back to the virus thing and said, “Steven. Look. I know this is your job, and you have to do it, but I’m just going to tell you that I will continue to say I want to cancel my account. So it’s really up to you how long this takes.” And he laughed. And let me cancel my account. Thank you Steven!

So, after about ten years, I am free of AOL. Wheee! I was so high on my achievement that I continued to be productive all day long. I ran a ton of errands, made spaghetti sauce from scratch AND baked cookes from scratch, something I haven’t done in years. (I’ve been solely a buy-the-pre-made-dough-drop-it-on-the-pan-pass-it-off-as-homemade kind of gal for a while now.) But I’ve been trying to do things to make this summer memorable, to make it last, so I don’t feel like I spent the entire time just working and doing the same old thing. I used to love to make chocolate chip cookies in the summer, and last night, stirring ingredients together, I remembered why. I did this morning, too, when I opened my fridge to see a big bag of cookies waiting for me. Yum. Is 8:39 too early for cookies? I don’t think so.

have a good day, everyone!
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