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Last night, I watched the last episode of the first season of Grey’s Anatomy. Season Two doesn’t come out until later this summer. Season three most likely starts in September.


Can I just tell you how quickly I became addicted to this show? Within two episodes, no joke. And since the first season that I had on DVD was only, like, nine episodes, they went fast. I tried to space them out, make them last—I was even going to bring a couple to watch on the plane, on Friday—but of course it didn’t happen. Instead, I blew through them, watching two at a time, and now it’s all over. I know, I know, I could watch the reruns, but I’m going to try not to. I want to see them in order, even if it means Tivo-ing the beginning of the new season and getting a late start.

I so need a new show to watch. I mean, Tuesday Night Book Club just isn’t going to cut it. Windfall is okay but not superfab. I just got a couple more discs from season one of Six Feet Under, hoping to pick that up again, so maybe that will work. Isn’t it about time for EW to do their Great Summer Shows You’re Not Watching article? Did I miss it when I (stupidly) let my subscription lapse? Please say no. Of course, there is one light at the end of the tunnel: Project Runway begins again in mid-July. Thank Goodness! Plus there’s Reno 911, at some point, or so I’m hoping. I know I could watch Lost or 24, but to be honest, neither of them really appeal to me. I tried to watch Desperate Housewives once and couldn’t get into that, either. This time, last summer, I was only just beginning to experience the joy that is Gilmore Girls: I started with season one and watched them straight through, and it was so great I can’t even tell you. That’s what I need, a fabulous show with enough seasons to keep me busy for weeks. And if it could be super well written, and funny, and also sometimes a bit heartwrenching, and maybe have someone cute to look at, that would be nice too. Not so much to ask, is it? I mean, Veronica Mars makes it look easy!

This is probably the point where you’re saying “What you need is NOT another television show. Read a book, for godsakes!” Well, the truth is, I am. So there. (Just kidding.) Right now, in fact, I’m reading The Whole World Over by Julia Glass. I loved her first book, Three Junes, and this one is equally good, although I think it’s a little deeper, with more characters and more happening. I also just picked up Anyone But You by Lara Zeises and Jenny Han’s Shug, both of which I have wanted to read forever.

I also bought But Enough About Me by Jancee Dunn based solely on the first few pages, which I picked up and read while standing by the table right at the entrance to the bookstore. They were so funny I could not resist, and I’m saving it for the plane, when I always need something good to lose myself in so I don’t obsess during takeoff and landing (and, um, once we’ve reached cruising altitude and drink service and everything else). I also recently read Curtis Sittenfeld’s newest, Man of My Dreams, which I liked a lot, and also reviewed for my local paper. So I’m not only reading books, but writing about them as well! Which means I am totally justified in watching as much TV as I want. If I could just find something good to watch.

Tomorrow, I’m off to ALA. I’ll try to update before I go, but if not…

…have a good weekend, everyone!

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