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I’m here at ALA in New Orleans, which has been very fun for the last forty-eight hours or so. The twenty four hours before THAT? Not so great. First off, my plane took off late from RDU, which meant I missed my connection in Memphis, and subsquently a dinner I was really looking forward to on Friday night. Oh, well. They couldn’t get me on the next flight to New Orleans, so I had to go to Baton Rouge instead and get a car from there. First, though, I had to kill four hours in the Memphis airport. Fun, right? I spent most of it buying various Elvis memorabilia, including a pair of Elvis-esque sunglasses as joke, which I then had to actually end up wearing in a more serious way. (More on that later.) Also at the Memphis airport: a barbeque restaurant with live music. Live music, at the airport? I know. It was this one guy who obviously worked this gig all the time and was so wry and funny about it that I just had to buy his CD. Also, for a finale, he played the Star Spangled Banner on his guitar WITH THIS TEETH. Yes, you read that right. Want to hear more? My favorite song of his was called “Tough Crowd,” but it’s not out yet. Still, check out his myspace page, if you’re so inclined.

Anyway, so I finally get to Baton Rouge, then to New Orleans, but my baggage does not make the trip. All I had was what I was wearing and my Elvis sunglasses. I had a signing the next morning at ten am, so after about five hours of sleep I walked down the street to the Walgreens, where I bought a toothbrush and some mascara (necessities!) and, in a stroke of awesome luck, I stumbled upon a two pack of Hanes T-shirts for $5.99. And one of them was even PINK! Score! So I went to my signing in my Walgreens t-shirts, and no one was the wiser. (Except when I felt compelled to tell them.) Luckily my clothes showed up that afternoon, which made me so happy I almost wept. (I was really tired, I guess.)

Other highlights from the trip: going to a cool cockail party where I met tons of hip librarians (and John Green followed by a totally fun pizza party the next day with Scott Westerfeld. Last night I got to go to the Newbery-Caldecott banquet, which was very fun and fancy, especially the dessert, which was bananas foster, prepared Iron-Chef style in this huge, lavish way with so many flames leaping up I was convinced the sprinkler system was going to come on. Very exciting. Last night we went down to Bourbon Street, which was a true experience. Let me just say it included karaoke, and the Partridge Family. And I have a bit of a headache this morning. I think it’s best to just leave it at that.

I’ll post some pictures later, once I’m home and have caught up on my sleep. I’m so tired right now doing any more links seems as hard as splitting an atom. I am just hoping and praying all my connections connect and I get home tonight with my luggage. Fingers crossed!

have a great day, everyone!
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