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Okay, so I’m home now, and just woke up after sleeping for—wait for it—eleven hours. Insane, I know. My trip back from New Orleans was relatively uneventful, save for the two hour delay at the Memphis airport, followed by another twenty minutes or so sitting on the tarmac waiting to take off, and another twenty sitting at RDU waiting for a gate to become available. All in all, I got home about three hours later than I was supposed to, but at least my luggage came with me. And after all that happened going down, this was actually the BEST leg of the trip.

That said, Northwest Airlines? Not my fave. I’d fly by carrier pigeon before I’d sign on with them again.

I returned home to my husband, who had brought me a chicken burrito which was still hot(I LOVE being married) two incredibly excited dogs, and my garden, which has grown like gangbusters as it’s apparently rained nonstop since I left. It’s amazing: June really is busting out all over. You should see the corn out here at the farms near my house: it seems like it was just sprouting, but coming home last night, it looked HUGE. Maybe not as high as an elephants eye, but close.

(Man. I must still be tired. What’s up with the weird musical metaphors?)

I’m going to spend today playing catchup on both tasks and laundry, but before that, in fact as soon as I finish this entry, I MUST sit down and finish John Green’s Looking For Alaska, which I started yesterday during the wait in Memphis and read nonstop the entire trip, through both delays. Now, as I wrote yesterday, I met John (and his lovely wife Sarah) in New Orleans. At that point, I had not yet read the book, which I believe is a good thing because it is so freaking FANTASTIC that if I had, I probably would have been speechless and nervous and acting like a total nerd and not able to hang out with them at all. I LOVE this book. It won the Printz, if you haven’t heard, and if you haven’t read it you should run and not walk to your library or bookstore and PICK IT UP. Amazing. I would have finished it last night if I didn’t almost fall asleep on my feet, while brushing my teeth, which was sufficiently scary that I immediately got into bed. Dangerous stuff.

Before I head off to finish the book, though, and do everything else that’s waiting for me, here are, as promised, a few pictures from the trip:

A view of some of the French Quarter on a Sunday morning…

…where you could smell coffee and hear jazz

Me with John Green, whose book I was freaking out about a few paragraphs earlier. Yes, I am wearing a corsage. But we weren’t at the prom. I swear.

And finally, one shot from Bourbon Street, because in this case, one is enough:

Let me say that I did not partake in one of those HABs: I just wanted the picture. Just so you know.

Whew. It was quite a trip. I had a blast–travel headaches aside—but it sure is good to be home. In fact, Coco is scratching at the door right now. Duty calls!

have a good day, everyone!
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