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Just a quick entry today, as my plan is to spend as little time as possible in front of the computer for the next few days. Instead, I want to be watching Project Runway reruns, making various fun recipes for the Fourth (deviled eggs for sure, maybe chocloate pudding pie, if I’m feeling adventurous, or apple if I’m in a more patriotic mood) and recovering from the Tour, which we’re only two days into but has already kind of exhausted me. Still, I must hang tough, in order to pull for my guy, number seven, Popovych. Seven is my lucky number, so it’s me and Yaroslav all the way. Go baby go!

(I know, he’s not really done anything too spectacular just yet. But that’s the great thing about the Tour. It’s like writing, more about the whole than what you do on any one specific day. Thank goodness for that, too, on both counts.)

Also, thanks to everyone who pointed me to the article in the NY Times about quitting AOL, and how they make it so hard for you. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my experience. If you haven’t been following this whole story, check out this clip that’s also been making the rounds. I have one word for this guy, and everyone else: Gmail. It’s like heaven and puppies and ice cream, all rolled into one. Okay, maybe not quite THAT great, but close. I do have to say that on that clip, they make such a big deal about this “marathon call” with AOL: twenty-one minutes. Is that really long? Because every time I call any company to get customer service—most recently DirectTV, two nights ago—it’s at least that long, if not longer. Maybe I should start taping all my calls and post them here. Maybe I’d get better service. Hmmmm.

Then again, that’s more time on the computer, and I’m supposed to be Taking A Break. Starting, in fact….right now.

have a great Fourth, everyone!
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