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It’s 8:56, and I’ve already made a lasagna. Don’t ask.

But don’t think I’m getting too productive. I still have had time to find a new summer TV addiction: The World Series of Pop Culture, on VH1. Now, I’ve only watched half of the first epsiode, about four rounds, but let me just say that WITHIN those four rounds, I have only missed two questions. I think I was born to go on this show. Where else can I put to good use all of my stupid, entirely unnecessary knowledge about celebrities and movies, gleaned from years of careful reading of Entertainment Weekly? (which has a hand in this show, and are you honestly surprised?). Now, all I need is two more people to be on my team. After careful thinking, I’ve decided that if I could pick anyone, it would be Meg Cabot, if only because I know she’s equally obsessed/knowledgeable about these things. (And without her, I would have missed Kathy Griffin on Larry King the other night, which was GREAT. Thank you, Meg!). Unfortunately, since I’ve only met Meg once, I don’t think I can recruit her. Plus, I’m sure she’s crazy busy writing books. So I guess I’m kind of stuck. I could drag my husband along, but his knowledge is spotty at best, unless the category was Clint Eastwood Movies or Hot Actresses I Love But Whose Names I Can’t Remember Without Help From My Wife. Sigh. I guess I’ll just stick to watching from home. Oh, well. At least there, I can curse when I miss stuff and pause it when necessary. But still. Would have been fun.

have a good day, everyone!
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