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So the NC Legislature just passed a bill making it illegal for teenagers to talk on cell phones while driving. I heard about this story on my local NPR station while I was in the shower this morning. (I used to listen to a local FM station, but then I discovered that this kind of multitasking really keeps me up on world events. All the space that used to be filled with stupid pop songs is now, instead, inhabited by random facts about Kofi Annan and the politics of Chile. Much better for cocktail parties, I’ve found.) Anyway, the interesting part of the story, to me, was that the lawmakers had considered banning talking on cell phones while driving for EVERYONE, but then couldn’t pass that, so they just made it for the teens. This is just my personal opinion, but I think talking on a cell phone makes everybody drive worse than they would otherwise, regardless of what age you are. And anyway, isn’t this law is going to be impossible to enforce? Isn’t EVERYONE on the phone whenever you’re out driving? What are the police supposed to do, closely examine every car they pass and make snap call: under eighteen? Over eighteen? Then pull over, by which point the driver has probably already put down their phone, and then how do you prove anything? It just seems very complicated to me.

I don’t even know why I’m thinking about this. Well, yes, I do: because I heard it in the shower. Maybe I should start humming some obnoxious pop song, and that will help. Hmmm.

In other news, Project Runway started last night, although I haven’t yet gotten to watch it or the audition special because…yep, the Tour was on. But I do want to say this. If you are feeling sort of blah and bored with all the reruns that are on now, stuck in the summer doldrums, I highly recommend joining the Project Runway bandwagon. But, you say, I’m not really into fashion. Or clothes. But that’s okay! Neither am I, at least not much, and yet this has become one of my favorite shows EVER. I think it’s because you actually get to see something CREATIVE being done, people taking a concept and seeing it through, which is different from Idol or Top Model or all those other shows. It is, dare I say, a bit more cerebral. Okay, only a TINY bit, but still. It counts! And, if you watch, you can fall in love with Tim Gunn, like the rest of us, and, when faced with stress in your own life, sigh and just say, “Make it work!” Which helps. I swear.

have a good day, everyone!
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