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Yesterday, when the temperature was hovering at about ninety-eight, my husband and I decided to go to the movies. Dark cold room, hot popcorn, almost the entire theater to ourselves. We disagreed on the previews: we were both kind of blah on one for The Prestige (which I thought looked kind of boring, although it did have Scarlett Johanssen), Flyboys (not my type of thing) and Miami Vice (not even interested a tiny bit). My husband laughed out loud at the one for Beerfest (so not surprising) while of course I got all angsty and choked up seeing the one for Zach Braff’s newest, The Last Kiss, which I also saw before The Devil Wears Prada. It is just SO my kind of movie, I can’t even tell you. And it has Rachel Bilson! What else do you want?

(Well, if you’re my husband, you want Beerfest. Or, really, anything but a movie like this one. But that’s just him, I guess.)

One thing we DID agree on was that the movie we saw, You, Me and Dupree, was WAY too long. Since when did a silly Owen Wilson movie need to clock in at almost two hours? I feel like I’m always complaining about movies not having good stories lately, so I’ll apologize and then do it again. This movie started out cute and funny, and I do love Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson AND Matt Dillon (who I honestly cannot look at, these days, without thinking of Johnny Drama on Entourage, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing). But then it hit a certain point and just kind of fell apart. And then went on for another hour or so. Sigh. Still, I did love Kate Hudson’s outfits (very cute skirts and shoes, she’s so adorable) and all the Lance Armstrong references (clearly, I am not the only one impressed/infatuated). But on the whole, kind of a downer. However, the popcorn was FABULOUS.

Finally, before I go, I feel compelled to share this, although I must give credit where credit is due and thank my cousin andlosersBen, who shared it on his journal, and therefore with me. Not two hours, and there’s no real need for popcorn. But infinitely enjoyable, just the same.

have a good day, everyone!
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