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Last entry for a little while, as I’m heading out of town next week for a vacation. Still, it’s not all play and no work, as I’m fitting in two bookstore appearances between sunbathing and hanging out with my extended family. First, I’ll be at the The Brewster Bookstore on Tuesday, the 25th, from 10-12 noon, and then at Eight Cousins, in Falmouth, at 7pm on the 27th. I haven’t done any appearances for awhile, so either I’ll be really fresh or incredibly rusty and stumbling all over my words. Either way, good times, and besides, I’ll be on vacation and entirely too mellowed out to care. So come out if you can.

In other appearance news—albeit more local—I’m going to be on NC Bookwatch this weekend: it airs tonight on WUNC, the local PBS station, at 9:30, and then again at 5 on Sunday. I actually filmed this a few weeks ago, and they were kind enough to give me a tape but since a) I no longer have a VCR and b) I hate watching myself on TV because it makes me incredibly self-conscious, I gave it to my mother, and have not seen it. (She says, however, that it’s a “very nice interview!’ although, of course, she’s a little bit biased.) I was told that eventually the interview will be up on their website, at which point I promise to link to it IF I am not to horrified by the sight of myself onscreen. I’m not even sure I can watch it tonight: I may just Tivo it and fast forward through it a triple-arrow-speed, hoping for the best. Still, it’s a fun show, and I did have a great time doing it. I just hope I don’t look like an idiot. Fingers crossed!

Anyway. I hope you all have a great last week of this, my favorite month. I’ll be back in August, tanned, rested and ready (or so I hope) for more sometimes-exciting-but-hopefully-at-least-interesting entries. Until then, can I direct you to two of my new web addictions, The Ausiello Report and You can thank me later. Or not.

have a great weekend, everyone!
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