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Just a quick hello from the SLOWEST dial-up connection ever. Then again, I’m on vacation and shouldn’t be online at all, so perhaps this is my punishment. So far having time off has been very nice: I’m doing a lot of reading (literature and, of couse, US Weekly) as well as eating (chowder! chowder! chowder!). Also great was my signing yesterday at the Brewster Bookstore, where everyone was so lovely AND they gave me a blinking ring as a thank you gift (which I thought was really cool until my cousin Emma informed me that it was “kind of annoying.” Oh, well).

Speaking of readings, Thursday I’m at Eight Cousins in Falmouth, so if you’re around, come out and say hello. Until then, it’s back to the beach. Or maybe to take a nap. Or maybe neither of the above. That’s the nice thing about a vacation, I guess, you don’t HAVE to do anything. Except, um, relax. Which I am not so great at, but improving every day. I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great day (and week!) everyone!