Hello. How ARE you?

Okay, so I’m back, after a lovely week up north with my extended family. As I reported earlier, there was a lot of chowder eating. Also, tons of swimming, a few jellyfish stings, about one million games of UNO and Crazy Eights, two viewings of “High School Musical” (which was cute) and a few rounds of “She’s Coming Round the Mountain” and “Dunderback.” (If you don’t know that last one, you’re probably NOT one of my millions of cousins.) All in all, a great trip, although I was also happy to come home yesterday to my own house, and my husband and my dogs AND two episodes of Veronica Mars, all waiting for me. It’s all good, I tell you. All good.

What’s not so good is that American lost my luggage yesterday, which blows my whole “travel karma” theory, in which I figured that because of my whole adventure in New Orleans, I’d be all smooth sailing for the near future when I flew. Wrong. However, it IS much better to lose your luggage on the way home: at your house, at least, you have more clothes, unlike in New Orleans, where I had to turn to Walgreens for fashion alternatives. So really, I’m not complaining. Even if it, um, seems like it.

Thanks to EVERYONE who came out to see me at my two signings on the Cape. I had a great time at both, and I have to say, reading to people on vacation is lot of fun. Everyone’s so laid back. And tan.

Here’s me at the Brewster Bookshop with Meaghan, who was kind enough to hang out and answer people’s questions about which books to read first, making her more of an expert than I even am (I never know how to answer that question):

And here’s me at Eight Cousins with eight of MY cousins (the younger generation) a photo opportunity we—as a family that takes LOTS of pictures—would not resist. (Anna, Rachel, Ben and Hannah: extra points if you can identify all the kids.)

Finally, having collapsed into bed last night, I was flipping through an old Newsweek when I saw a little blurb about a new energy drink called Kaboom. Hmmm. Careful readers will know that back in 2002, I put out a book with a fictional product, also an energy/sports drink, with this EXACT same name. Maybe whoever invented it is a This Lullaby fan? Hmmmm. Could be….

have a good day, everyone!

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