So I know I’m late on this, but it’s still big enough news (at least to me) to get a mention. After years of pleading, and wishing and hoping, it’s finally happened: 90210 is coming to DVD. Okay, it’s just the first season right now, but still, I LOVE those episodes, and it means season two (Kelly-Dylan-Brenda triangle!) can’t be far behind. Thank you, Aaron Spelling. Wherever you are.

Meanwhile, this weekend, I’ve been trying to recover from the disappointment of all the stuff in the news about Floyd Landis and the Tour de France. As regular readers know, I spent most of July watching the Tour (sometimes against my will, but whatever, it’s called marriage), hours and hours of cycling, and I was really pulling for Floyd. So this all feels a little, I don’t know, more personal than any of the other doping scandals in the news. I felt so bad for him that day he was bonking, and looked like he might abandon, and cheered wildly when he came back the next day and won the entire stage. It was like something out of a movie, too good to be true, and now I’m left to wonder if it was. I was trying not to judge until all the tests came back, and Floyd is still maintaining his innocence. But it all feels a little sad to me anyway. I know, I know, cycling is a dirty sport, a lot of people dope. Maybe I’m just naive. But I wanted to believe.

Finally, a question: have watches become irrelevant? Mine died while I was in Cape Cod, a fact I didn’t notice until I realized it had been three thirty for a LONG time. There seemed to be something symbolic about your watch dying on vacation, as if it should mean you are forever in relaxed-happy time (sadly, this, too, is not true). My plan was to replace the battery, but everyone I talk to has been saying nobody needs a watch anymore. That with cell phones, which always keep perfect time, there’s no point. I have to admit, it is kind of freeing to not have a watch on, and I do take my phone just about everywhere with me. But to never wear one again? Seems kind of extreme. Plus, checking your watch is one of those things you can do to convey all kind of emotions: like, say, if someone is running late, you can do it and look annoyed. Or, if you’re sitting alone at a restaurant and people are staring at you, you can to it to make people think you’re actually waiting for somebody. Then there’s always the “my watch is slow!” excuse for if YOU’RE running late. Somehow, I don’t think checking your cell phone is the same thing. I mean, it means something as well, but something different. The truth is, regardless of how I do it, I’ll always be the kind of person who just NEEDS to know what time it is, one way or another. None of this loosey-goosey, “It’s noon-ish” business for me. No. It’s 9:42. Period.

Which, actually, means I’m late. Whoops! Maybe I can blame the fact that my watch is busted. Might work….

have a good day, everyone!
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