“And I’m thinking, on the one hand, I envy your ego and your self confidence. On the other hand: Buster, you’re deluded.”


I love Tim Gunn so much. If you’re a Project Runway fan and you’re NOT downloading his podcasts, you are seriously missing out. That line above made me laugh out loud on the treadmill this morning. Nothing like starting a weekend with a little Tim Gunn love. It’s a good thing. (And if you’re a fan, you may find this to be just what you need for your Friday. If you’re not a fan, it probably will make no sense whatsoever.)

Speaking of Runway, I watched Wednesday’s episode last night, and I’ve decided that I’m pulling for Kayne and Michael. Kayne because he does beautiful stuff: his pieces just look GOOD, every single time. And Michael because he’s consistently excellent, as well as being low-key and all about the work. He reminds me of Chloe that way: just doesn’t even deal with the drama, and lets his work speak for itself. I know you’re only supposed to have one real favorite, but I’m just too indecisive. It’s why I can never do a top five, either: it always becomes a top seven, or nine. It’s a sickness. But whatever.

In other news, I’ve found myself with some unexpected—and much welcomed—free time in the next few days, so I think it’s time to catch up on my movies before all the fall releases start coming out. I want to see the new Will Ferrell Nascar movie, which I hear is good (although, truthfully, I love him so I’d see it even if it wasn’t) as well as the Al Gore documentary AND Wordplay, the doc about Will Shortz and crossword players. Plus there’s The Virgin Suicides on Netflix. I WISH there was a good chick flick coming out soon, but I guess you can’t have everything.

*time elapses*

I’ve honestly been sitting here for the last few minutes, and I can think of nothing else to say. NOTHING! Maybe I should quit this blog for a little while, until I have something more exciting to report. Truthfully, though, this just shows you the sweet dullness of my life these days. After months with so much to talk about, now things are actually…kind of slow. No big news to tell you about, or tons of links to put in, or reminders of big events in the near future. Which may not make for great reading (sorry about that). But it actually means, at least to me, that life is good. Slow, yes. Boring, sometimes. But good. Sometimes, no news can be good news, I guess.

have a great weekend, everyone!
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