Yesterday, I finally got to Talladaga Nights, the new Will Ferrell movie (and current box office champ, two weeks running). I thought it was silly, but then again, it’s not like I was expecting Citizen Kane. I also thought it was too long, but I seem to feel that way about every movie I see lately, so I’m thinking it’s my problem, and not the fault of Hollywood. Maybe I’m just too impatient these days? It’s entirely possible. I also spent half the movie doing that whole, “Who IS that? I know that person!” about the girl who played Ricky Bobby’s assistant, only to realize during the final credits that it was Amy Adams from Junebug (which is a great movie, and not too long, just so you know). It is a rarity for me to get stumped, as my job is usually to identify who everyone is to my husband, who never remembers what role anyone has played before. Along with the rustling of our shared popcorn, there was this: “What was he in?” “He was the dad in the Brady Bunch movie.” (Gary Cole) “Who’s that? What do I know him from?” “He was in Magnolia, and Chicago. He’s in everything.” (John C. Reilly) “What was she in?” “Best in Show, Forty Year Old Virgin.” (The woman from, um, Best in Show and Forty Year Old Virgin, whose name escapes me….ah, it’s Jane Lynch.Thank you, IMDB!)

Before the movie, however, there were previews. Now, since this is Will Ferrell and NASCAR, I guess it makes sense that we saw two Nike commercials about football, two ads for football video games, and a commercial for the new Friday Night Lights TV show. Clearly, they’re going for that male demographic, although it means boring viewing for someone like me, who could care less about sports in general until college basketball season fires up. But then, there was a trailer for the Grudge 2 movie. And honestly, it scared the crap out of me. I mean, it’s just a trailer, but STILL: I jumped twice, and actually had to look away. I ask you: is this really necessary? If I come to see a silly movie about racing, do I have to be put through something that completely unnerves me? You should be able to opt out, or something. (Which I guess is what I did, too late, by turning my head and closing my eyes. I know, I’m such a wuss.) Anyway. If the trailer freaked me out, I can only imagine what the whole movie would do. Yikes.

Oh, well. At least the popcorn was good. And my EW Fall Movie Preview issue just came, and it looks like there are some good movies coming our way in the next few months. Fingers crossed, at any rate…

have a good day, everyone!
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