First, there was the new Kaboom drink. And now, there’s a real, live Truth Squad. (Okay, they’re called THE Truth Squad, but still, it’s pretty close.) So is it coincidence, or just further evidence that This Lullaby is slowly achieving world domination?

Okay, fine. It’s coincidence. But it IS pretty interesting, you must admit. Thanks to the loyal reader who sent that link along, by the way. I need to be kept abreast of these things!

In other news, school officially starts this week around these parts, which has got me thinking entirely too much about….school supplies. Now, since this is the second fall in a row that I myself am not going back to school—to teach, but it still counts—you would think that the urge to run out and buy pens and folders and sticky notes and various kinds of tape would have abated. But no. It’s like a reflex, always hitting right about now, the third week of August. I can’t help myself. And I have absolutely NO reason to buy school supplies, as I have plenty, mostly because I gave into this craving last year. And let me say, when you’re not writing or grading papers, or needing to put together handouts or reports, you really don’t need multipacks of every kind of clip that exists. Just so you know. Truthfully, though, I don’t think it’s really about school itself, as much as the idea of a fresh start. My parents were both on the academic schedule my whole life, and then, for just about every year up until the last one, I was as well. You just get used to thinking that the year begins in late August, and wraps up the second week of May. It’s a mindset that’s hard to shake. Forget January 1st: my clean start always seems to come right about now, even before the first little bit of crisp comes into the air. And I have a feeling it will come anyway, whether I buy more Post-its or not. But maybe I should just pick up ONE pack, to be on the safe side. We’ll see.

Finally, I can’t decide if this clip is hysterical or creepy, or a little bit of both. At any rate, there are worse things on a Monday—especially if you’re about to start school—than a few laughs. Enjoy.

have a good day, everyone!
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