The Emmy awards are this weekend,which is probably only exciting to total TV geeks like myself, who look forward to this night, when they can sit on the couch with their popcorn and cheer for their favorites. Except, um, this year….most of my favorites weren’t even nominated. Edie Falco and James Gandolfini from the Sopranos? Nope. Hugh Laurie from House? No again. And don’t even ask about anyone from Gilmore Girls or Veronica Mars. Ain’t happening.

It seems like every year people complain about the Emmys, but this year it’s worse than ever. Apparently, they changed the nominating process, and one of the results were that a lot of shows that you’d think would get recognized (Lost being the most glaring) just weren’t. It seems like everyone has an idea of how to fix the problem, but the truth is, even with all the issues, I’ll still be watching. And, like last year, I’ll be sitting there, fingers crossed, hoping and wishing that Jeremy Piven FINALLY gets his chance to go up and claim the kudos he deserves for Entourage. (Which I think is one of the best shows out there. Period.)

All of this begs the question, though, of what awards really mean. If your show is wildly successful, and high in the ratings, does it really matter whether you have an Emmy for not? Which is better, to be popular, or to be recognized by the award powers that be? (Just look at Arrested Development, a great show that won a lot of Emmys, and still couldn’t find a big enough audience to survive on air. On the flip side, there’s American Idol, which basically plows over any other show that dares compete against it, but they still complain about not winning awards.) The truth is, I think most people involved in good shows would love to have both, just as any writer would love to be on the bestseller list AND win the National Book Award. Loved by the populace AND the critics. The best of all worlds! And, you know, good luck with that. You’ll need it.

Anyway. Despite my complaining, like I said, I’ll still be watching. I’m an awards show dork. (In fact, I can’t BELIEVE I missed the Teen Choice Awards, and the debut performance of Kevin Federline. I’m still kicking myself.) And hopefully, over time, the Emmys will finally get it right and nominate shows that are loved by fans as well as well written, and filled with great actors. Even if, you know, they’re ones that aren’t on the big three networks, or have tons of money behind them like those on HBO. I’m sure there are tons out there, just waiting. No time like the present to start stepping out of your rut to try something new, right?


have a great weekend everyone!
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