It’s already raining here, even though the hurricane (or what’s left of it) won’t come over us until tonight. Last night, there was lightning and low rumbles that shook the house and I was just thinking, let it just be like this. Lots of rain, some wind. Don’t even let me get going on my tornado phobia or my memories of the long night of Hurricane Fran, where I lay awake listening to the wind literally whoosh through the walls of our old farmhouse, knowing there was a huge oak tree on either side of us, and that it was all or nothing: either one or both came down and flattened us, just like that, or they didn’t. They didn’t. But it was a long night waiting to find out.

Before that evening, my dog Scout had never been afraid of storms. None of my dogs had ever been skittish, weather-wise, but starting the next morning, Scout was officially phobic. Thunder, lightning, any combination of the two, she’d be up and pacing around, her nervousness most often culminating in her throwing up. It wasn’t fun. But I could only imagine what she was going through. I mean, at least I know it’s just weather, and not the world ending. Can you imagine if you didn’t? I’d feel like puking too. Now, Scout is gone, but I still think of her when those big storms roll in, in the middle of the night, and the lightning flashes, bright in the room. I hope wherever she is now, there’s only sunny skies and those soft, gentle rains, the kind that are great for napping, and not scary at all.

Meanwhile, the VMAs are tonight, which is always exciting. Although sometimes lately I’m very aware I’m no longer part of the MTV demographic (I just can’t bring myself to watch Laguna Beach this season: maybe it’s just because there’s no LC or Kristen?) the awards shows I always like to tune in for. The fashion, the scandal, the oooh-surprise! bit at the end, which is sometimes great (Guns and Roses?) and sometimes downright unsettling (Marilyn Manson, although he always scares me, on MTV or not). It is always truly water-cooler conversation the next morning, even if, like me, you work at home, which means you can hang out at the water cooler all you want, and still most likely won’t find anyone to discuss the show with. (Ah, the downsides–so few, but they are there—of being self employed.) At least I have you guys, right? No water, no cooler. But still, it counts. It might even be better.

That said, this may be my last entry for the week, as I’m going to pretend I’m going out of town like the rest of the world for this last official weekend of summer. Actually, I’m just hoping there aren’t any trees on our house, that we have power, and neither of my dogs have been traumatized by whatever weather ends up coming at us tonight. See you in September!

have a good day, everyone!
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