Okay. I’ve officially hit that early fall moment when I hate everything in my closet.

*looks at watch*

And it’s right on time, coming just as we get hit with the those first few not-so-humid days, when you can actually start to see yourself in a sweater and jeans again. But it’s not QUITE cool enough to bust out the fall stuff yet, so you’re stuck with the things you’ve been wearing all summer, which all of a sudden look bad and worn out and used up and when you put them on, so do you. This morning, I was in front of my closet, pushing things aside, actually thinking, “I wish it would just get cold!” so I could definitively make that leap from tank tops to sweaters. And then, of course, I had to smack myself (theoretically speaking) because, as we all know, I hate cold weather. It’s like I’m possessed! Or maybe just desperate.

Even worse? I was at the mall the other day, checking out the fall stuff, and I didn’t like hardly anything I saw, which does not bode well. I’ll just say it right now: I’m not going to be wearing leggings. I’m just not. I was there for the initial incarnation, back in late high school/college, I did it then, but these times they have a changed. Ditto for “skinny” jeans: I like my circulation, thanks. Also, I’m not a vest person, and I never will be, even if J.Crew assures me EVERYONE looks good in them. But does this mean that I have to spend October-March in old Gap turtlenecks and my one pair of jeans I still love? Oh, please say no. Let there be a line after this line, something other than leggings and skinny pants and vests. It doesn’t even have to be a whole line, actually. Just one item, one perfect thing—a pair of shoes, a sweater, a jacket—that makes everything I already have look that much better. Is that so much to ask?


Speaking of clothes, I’ll second zeisgeist and say that I was pretty happy with the outcome on Project Runway last night. I won’t say who went, in case some of you haven’t gotten to the show yet, but I will tell you it was not my favorite, Michael. My final three? Michael, Jeffrey, Uli. We’ll see if I’m right. Also last night, I ended up watching some of Rock Star: Supernova, a show that up until this point I had not paid the least bit of attention to, and now I ask you, Why? This show is SO totally the kind of thing I should have been watching all summer. It’s campy and ridiculous and so totally over the top. Where else would you see a girl with multicolored hair, on crutches and hopping on one leg, doing a “punk rock” cover of “I Want You To Want Me”? Nowhere. Too bad next week’s the finale. Live and learn, I guess. Live and learn.

have a good day, everyone!
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