Does that really say The Truth About Forever? Anybody? What can I say, my German is…well, non-existent.

It’s funny about foreign editions. Sometimes, you promptly get a boxful of them as soon as they’re released. Other times, they come out and you don’t even know it, as was the case with this version of That Summer, which I only just discovered on while looking for the TTAF cover:

As well as this, one, which apparently came out in 2005. I have no idea what book it is, and there’s no description:

Cute, right? Still, I can only assume that the titles are somewhat close to the originals, as things tend to be lost in translation. (Or sometimes, just lost: I still get asked on a regular basis, for instance, if Crazy Moon is a new book of mine, or one people have missed: it’s not. It’s the German edition of Keeping the Moon). I don’t have any control about how they change the titles, believe it or not, although it is always nice when they run big changes by me before they make them. For example, This Lullaby was recently translated into French, although I’m not sure when it’s going to be released, and I was told that the names Remy and Dexter had to be changed, as they would not make sense as French names. (Especially since Remy is a boy’s name in French. Dexter, I guess, is just…weird? Who knows.) Anyway, to me, this is a BIG change. It’s not a title, or a setting, but the names of my characters, specifically my narrator, and I put a lot of thought into these things. So my first instinct is always to say no, have myself a little snit, step up on the soapbox and start going off about artistic integrity and the creative process, etc, etc. But then, always, I make myself take a breath. In the big scheme of things, this stuff really doesn’t matter, and my father always told me, “Pick your snits,” because he knows I have a tendency to freak out about every little thing. This can be very easy to do, but the problem is, eventually people become immune to your blowups, and then when something big that totally warrants a soapbox-artistic integrity freakout happens, nobody takes you seriously because you have this reputation for being difficult. So. Fine. Remy and Dexter are now…well, who knows. Something else. I guess I’ll find out when they send me my copies. Or, when I find it on Who knows what else is out there I don’t know about?

Really, though. Spending time searching yourself on all the international Amazon sites? Almost as bad as wasting a morning googling yourself. And I have errands to run.


Okay, one more. And then, I’m stepping away from the computer. I swear!

have a good day, everyone!
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